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Stories for seven year olds



Write a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

You need to write about at least two characters.

The characters need to talk to each other in speech marks, ”Like this.” That means one character says, for example, ”Hello” and the other character says, ”Good afternoon”.

Describe the character.

Write for the five senses. What did it look like? What did is sound like? What did it feel like? What did it smell like? What did it taste like?

Write about things happening. This can be running, jumping, swimming, playing a game or cycling.

Have feelings in the story. People should be happy, sad, excited, angry or they could be laughing.



The happiest day in my life.

My birthday.

My holiday.

My family.

A day at the beach.

The big game.

A visit to the zoo.

A scary day.

An adventure.

A visit to another country.

My favourite animal



In the morning mom said, ”We are going to the beach today.” My sister Charlotte and I packed out bags for the beach. We went to the bus stop. The bus came and we got on.

We got out at the sandy beach. It was a little bit windy and we sat down on towels. I was in my blue swimming trunks. I went swimming with mom and I put my head under water. The water was cold at first but I got used to it after a while. I saw lots of amazing and colourful fish.

Then we built a sandcastle. We decorated it with shells. It was big and fabulous.

Charlotte collected some crabs in a plastic box full of water. She took them back home with us.

It was fun but tiring being out in the sun all day. I slept really well that night.



My favourite animal is my dog. My dog is called Bella. Bella is a girl dog. She lives in granny’s garden. Bella is small and brown. She likes to run and bark. When we go to the playground sometimes Bella comes too. I like to give her a milk in her bowl. Bella means beautiful in Italian.

Bella is not allowed in the house. Granny says Bella might do wee wee on the floor.

I love Bella.


Essay writing rules



Use an academic vocbulary. Avoid slang and show off the most intellectual words that you know Do not use casual words like ‘get’ but your more formal alternatives such as ‘obtain’. You must impress the examiner.

Consider both viewpoints. Look at the viewpoint that you disagree with first of all. Then in another paragraph explain why that first argument is unconvincing.

You must always write in full sentences. Spelling definitely counts!

Write sentences of 10-20 words most of the time. Each paragraph should be between two and eight sentences long.

You ought to write as much as you can so long as you give yourself time to double check your work.

It is wise to write on alternate lines to give yourself space. This also allows you to write in anything you forgot later or to cross out and rewrite anything that you got wrong.

Make sure you answer the question. Do not simply write on the topic set. Repeat some of the key words from the question in your essay or story. For instance, if it asks you ‘What makes a good school?’ then say ‘excellent sports facilities make a good school and outstanding teachers also contribute to a school being good.’ This keeps you on target. It also proves to the examiner that you are writing a relevant answer.

Try to be specific. If you know any relevant facts or examples then include them.

Your last paragraph is your conclusion. It needs to have the word ‘conclusion’ in it or else write ‘to conclude.’

Your conclusion does not have to be absolutely one way or the other. It can say ‘this essay agrees with the title statement but with some reservations’ or ‘this essay disagrees with the title statement to a limited extent.’

You should avoid the first person singular ‘I, me, my and myself’. Avoid such phrase as, ‘I think… it seems to me… in my opinion… it is clear to myself.’




Most schools are mixed which means that boys and girls go to school together. A minority of schools are single sex. Both mixed schools and single sex schools have advantages and disadvantages.

Why do some schools take either only boys or only girls? That was the tradition long ago and some schools have not changed it. Some people prefer it that way and see no reason to change something that works well. In a single sex school the pupils can concentrate on their studies. They are not distracted by the opposite sex and they do not waste time in trying to show off to the opposite sex. Girls in mixed schools sometimes pretend to be dumb because they think boys find it attractive. Some girls are insecure about their appearance in their teenage years so they prefer to be away from boys. Some of the best schools in the UK are single sex such as Eton, Harrow and Winchester.

A mixed school is a microcosm of the world. We all come from mothers and fathers and therefore it is apposite that we go to a school with both boys and girls. A school is preparatory for life and therefore we need to be equipped to deal with the opposite sex as well as our own. Mixed schools include some excellent ones and boys and girls are generally happiest together. We have to mix with each other in adult life so it is sensible to get ready for this in school. Mixed schools can still allow girls to be confident and some mixed schools are outstanding.

In conclusion, there are benefits and disbenefits to both types of school. However, on reflection is it patent that mixed schools offer a better balance for pupils and are superior in enabling people to live fulfilled adults lives.



What is the most fascinating topic you have ever learnt about in any subject? This could be a book, a person, a scientific experiment or country for example. Describe this topic in detail and explain why it is so fascinating.

Julius Caesar is the most fascinating topic I ever learnt about. He was born in 100 BC in Rome, Italy. He is fascinating because he was such an epoch making political and military leader. His legacy is still hotly debated to this very day. He has given us so much. The word ‘casearean’ comes from the way his ancestors were born through an operation. The word for king or emperor in many languages comes from his name. It gave us the words shah, kaiser and tsar. The Julian Calendar which we used to use was named in his honour as is the month July.

Caesar was born into a patrician upper class family. The Social War had just ended. His family had been on the side of Marius and the Populares. They had lost this civil war. When Julius was a baby his father died. Despite these major disadvantages Julius overcame them. He is an inspiring figure because he proved that no difficulty is insuperable. He was clever and went to the University of Rhodes where he became fantastic at oratory.

The Romans had cursus honorum (the way of honours) which was a way that patrician men could be promoted to various jobs. Julius Caesar worked his way up through this system. He succeeded in all these public offices. He was priest of Jupiter. Julius also commanded the navy against pirates. He was defeated once and captured. However, he was soon freed. This shows us that even great men lose sometimes but they do not give up. Of one campaign he wrote ”Vendi. Vidi. Vici.” meaning ”In came. I saw. I conquered.”

Julius Caesar married. It was suggested that he should divorce his wife and marry someone from a better politically connected family. He said no because he loved his wife and he was a man of honour.

The Romans fought in Gaul (France). He defeated the Gaulish Army and killed many of their soldiers. During a siege he would not let the Gaulish civilians out. He starved them. He also cut the hands off prisoners. This demonstrates that he was a harsh and even an evil man. He is a problematic figure and we should not admire Julius Caesar because he abused people’s rights. He also enslaved people which the Romans said was entirely acceptable.

Writing an account of his campaigns Caesar made himself seem excellent. His book is called The Gallic Wars. He wrote it in the third person to make it seem more credible. He was also a gifted prose author and propagandist.

Under Caesar the Romans twice invaded Britain. Britain owes so much to the Romans such as the Latin alphabet that this essay is written in. But under Julius the Romans did not stay.

Some people were jealous of Caesar’s military glory. He wanted to rule Rome. He was told not to lead his army out of Gaul. But he broke the rule and led his soldiers over the River Rubicon into Italy. That gives us the phrase ”crossing a Rubicon” which means after that there is no going back. When he did so he said ”alea iacta est” meaning ”the die is cast.”

Julius Caesar seized power in Rome. He made himself the sole consul (there were supposed to be two consuls) and dictator for life. He defeated his enemies and then fled. He chased them to Egypt. There he fell in love with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. They had a child.

On the Ides of March 44 BC Caesar was stabbed to death by senators in Rome. They disliked his dictatorship. His killers were eventually hunted down and punished. Thereafter Julius Caesar’s family ruled for centuries.

In conclusion, Julius Caesar is a very intriguing and important historical figure. He really changed the world but it is not clear that he made it better. Learning about him taught me about human nature and political ideas.



What is good and what is bad about your school?

Why do you want to come to the school you are applying to?

What would you do if you had absolute power over the world for one day?

Is homeschooling a good idea?

What is an ideal holiday?

If you won a billion pounds what would you do with it?

Would we be better off without a government?

Is it right that sports are compulsory?

Which is the most important subject and why?

Is it good to be a boarder at school?

There is no point in learning foreign languages because we have translation technology. To what extent do you agree?

Who was the greatest person of all time?

Is it unfair that rich people are able to go to independent schools?

Describe the best holiday you have ever been on.

Is it right for schools to compel to attend prayers?

Should people be allowed to leave education at 16 if they want to?

Describe the most wonderful foreign country you have ever visited.

Music is pointless. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

We should not do exams. Pupils should be given grades based on their homework. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Should homework be abolished?

Should we get rid of school uniform?

Who is the best teacher you ever had and why?

Is it bad to have a monarchy?

Is television a waste of time?

Should chocolate be banned?

Why is smoking bad?


What is racism? Why is it bad and what can we do about it?

Racism is the belief that some races are superior and others are inferior. Race is in someone’s DNA. Phenotype is the visible physical expression of these racial differences. This manifests as skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, hair texture, the shape of facial features, facial hair on men and to some extent height.

Although we can see racial characteristics, there is little to no difference between people of different races. However, some people wrongly imagine that races are very dissimilar. Racists usually think their own race is inherently better than the others. Racists tend to dislike and distrust other races.

Racism is the belief that other races are bad and should be mistreated. This can be official discrimination in employment, housing and education. Sometimes it was official discrimination: racist laws such as existed in South Africa and the USA.

Racism is unjust and illogical. It is a cruel and barbaric system. It means racial hatred and causes war. Genocide is the ultimate expression of racism. This is when one group so hates another that they try to kill all members of that group.

We need to educate people out of racism. Telling people the scientific facts will help. We can also ensure that there is good race mixing. People often dislike other races because they have hardly met other members of those races. Positive discrimination can also help. If disadavantaged groups are favoured in education and employment this can overcome subconscious bias.