Hugh Grant



In 1961 Hugh Grant was born. His father was an army officer. The Grants lived in the United Kingdom. Later they moved to Singapore for a few years. The British Army was there until 1970. Then they returned to the UK and Hugh’s father left the army.

The Grant family had lived in Scotland for centuries. Before that they had come from Normandy. The name was ‘Le Grand’ meaning ‘Big’. This was corrupted into ‘Grant’.

Hugh Grant’s father worked in business but never made much money. They lived in London. Hugh won a scholarship to Latymer Upper School. He excelled academically. He won a place at Oxford University.

At Oxford Hugh read English. He joined OUDS (Oxford University Dramatic Society). OUDS is an acronym so it is pronounced to rhyme with ‘clouds’. While Hugh was up a film called Privileged was made. It satirised upper class undergraduates. Hugh appeared in that film.

On going down from varsity Hugh fell into acting. In the 1980s the cost of living in London was much lower. The population was far lower than it is now. Rent was much lower. Therefore it was not so far for a jobbing actor to survive. Hugh got himself a theatrical agent. He went to castings. He was cast in a few minor roles. In between he did odd jobs to sustain himself. He worked as groundsman at Craven Cottage. That is the stadium of Fulham Football Club.

Hugh had a minor role in White Mischief. He also had a bit part in Remains of the Day based on the Kazuo Ishiguro novel. In 1987 he starred in Maurice. He plays Clive Durham. He acted opposite the man in the title role. Maurice is based on an E M Forster novel of the same name. It is set in Edwardian Britain. Maurice is an upper middle class boy. He goes to Cambridge University. There he finds himself romantically attracted to another undergraduate. The two youths form a homosexual relationship. Their behaviour is illegal and they must be discrete. They later leave Cambridge and drift apart. In the end Clive Durham decides that homosexuality was transient for him. Clive is elected to Parliament and he gets married. His former lover is devastated that Clive no longer desires him. Maurice then meets a working class man and forms a relationship with him. The film was highly controversial for its positive depiction of homosexuality. It came out at the height of the AIDS crisis.

In 1993 Hugh felt his career was going nowhere. He had never had a lead role in a major film. He was on the verge of chucking in acting. He was pondering a new career. Then he saw a script for Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

Hugh played the romantic lead in the film. It was an international smash hit. Soon he was the talk of the town.

Grant was effete and good looking. He seemed to be fastidious about his appearance. His centre parting was too fussy. He had convincingly played a homosexual in Maurice. Peopled wonder whether he was gay. He turned up at a film premier with his longtime girlfriend Liz Hurley. She wore a borrowed Versace dress. The decolletage put paid to any rumours that Hugh Grant was sexually attracted to males.

In the late 90s Hugh was one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. He starred in Mickey Blue Eyes which is a mafia comedy. He was in the Englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain. In 1999 he starred in Notting Hill.

Hugh came to feel he was cast in the same sort of role all the time as a bumbling English hearthrob. In About a boy he played a different sort of character.

In Love Actually he played a prime minister based on Tony Blair. He also had a role in Sense and Sensibility. Hugh played major roles in the Bridget Jones films. In one he fights Colin Firth

Hugh split from Liz Hurley. She later wed a German-Indian millionaire. Hugh got married. He has three children but only one of them with his wife.

Hugh Grant had his phone hacked by the News of the World newspaper. Many celebrities suffered this. The people who broke into others phones to record their conversations were imprisoned.


  1. When was Hugh born?
  2. In which Far Eastern land did he reside?
  3. Which part of the United Kingdom did the Grant family come from?
  4. What was the original version of the Grant surname?
  5. What school did Hugh attend?
  6. Which university did he go to?
  7. What was Hugh’s subject?
  8. What is OUDS?
  9. wHAT Job did High do besides acting?#
  10. Which film did he appear in which is based on a novel by Ishiguoro?
  11. Why was Maurice so controversial? Two marks.
  12. In 1993 what did he consider doing about acting?
  13. Which film did he appear in which launched him into superstardom?
  14. Who was Hugh’s girlfriend in the 90s?
  15. What mafia film was Hugh in?
  16. How many children does he have?

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