paula white ==============



paula. chaucerian charlatan. mississippi,

trump toady

christian fundamentliats a core constituency for gop

irrational. anti gun control, anti gay, anti black, anti hispanic , anti muslim, anti environmental, anti science. antii big government expect when it comes to use of force.

woman is mostly male dominated world

extrovert. likes sound of own voice

she is an outcast even among christina evangelicals.

vanity. does she want to store up treasure in this world on the next

raking in the cash

preying in the feeble minded. gulling mentally sub normal. desperate. vulnerable adults.

ill., jobless. nauseating

give away all your worldly possessions

love of money is the root of all evil. emetic that she preaches this gosepl

love your enemy

do good to those who hate you. be mericul to the sojourner.

well dressed. groomed. work done?

people believe in raiment – looks luxuriant.

prosperity gospel

flagrant fraud

#undue influence

1966. 3 husbands. 1 baby.

no degree. dr.

african american

anti hero

where I walk god walks. blasphemy


mentally ill. she is God. what else can I infer?

anyone who tells you to deny yourself is Satan. Jesus said that. staggeringly ignorant of the Gospel

I have the authority to declare white house holy groind

says she has been tradcued and these indicate her martyrdom. she has been called a heretic and an adulterer and she is one.

cognitive dissonance. dig deeper. entrenched believers

sunk cost fallacy. emotional commitment.

ethno centrism . religio centrism.

emotional reasoning,

belief disconfirmation,

mind virus. sub clinical dissociative disorder. propensity to believe

belief perseverance. magical thinking. paranormal . mental discomfort mitigated

denialism. ignorning the truth. doomsday cult. categorical


paula is a parasite. mind parasite. she predates. takes and does not give. preys on the feebled minded

exploiut. her and capitalists and polluters. stewardship?   brazenness . trump is the same. pharisee

knows nothing about church etiquette.   creeping jesus. immodesty

charismatic. self assured. self laduation and adotation.  self esteem culture

aboyt her not Jesus

very emotional. very today ordinary problems.

meta narrative. her followers are good. others are evil. any evidnce agaisnt her proves demonic conspiract.  slabder. reinfrce in group solidarity#

no requirement to adhere to the bible

a predisposition to experience things that ar enot real.

redolent of life of brain

you are the messiag I sgould know I followed a few

credulous naive. when people do not believe in religion they do not believe in nothing but in anything

horoscopes. palmistry. phrenology

SA nurse believed jesus eas looking out for her

she worked with childrne born with AIDS. But jesus would not save them.

sola scruipute. justification through faith alone. not about virtue or the avodiance of inquity ? but she denoucnes sin.

point scoring through donations

true believer. cannot analyze group think.

I will believe black is white ignatious loyoal

no sceptisicms towards religion.but all those critical facultiss come into play. honed for use against climate science . evolution, gun control. contraceptin. sex education. elaborate and convoluted arguments

penumbra of doubt turned into 50-50

semantics. casuistry.

proven beyond the realm of doubt.

huge endeavour to scrutinise reasoned argment and expose any flaws or frailities.

cognition. religion is v personal . so invested in it. immense value place don it

do not want to think they ave been had. brusing to the ego.

sunk cost fallacy

relationshop between cognitions not consonant

jesus rejected welth. paula craves wealth. paula is like jesus.

manichean. dualistic.

psychological stress occasioned by extreme inconsistentyc

magnitude of dissonance. people believe in apperance. clothes. jdge a  book by its cover

first impression. availability heuristic.

paula knows how to get rich. extrovert. affable. empahty.  prosody. timbre. vocal range. studied spontaneity. improvise. good show

not morally sub optimal. vile. totally unethca

ruse. every trck in the book. avarice. mammon . take advantage#

presumed undie influence.

fat shepherds and lean sheep. she is trim.

italians preached catholicsm. irish believes it

health and wealth

towers f praise. nigeian church/ pastor house and car

groupies. idolise. ganger on. hero worship

a cult.

them and us

align cognitions with actions or each other . something has to give.

christian evangelcials oppose healthcare because it would take away audience

misalliance between christinaity and rapacious christinaity

faustian pact with trump. casinos addiction. prostitution the mob

GOP sold its soul to the devil.

hard sell. con man. trump uni

jordan shoes. but his shoes are shoes. false analogy

seed sold. do not be mean. racket.  IRS. tax exempt

mainstrea, christians denoucne her irreligion. heterodox.

wealth is indivative of divine favour. disciples were poor.

puritans. protestant ethic  and the spirit of capitlaism

jesus and the rich young man

eye of a needlle

a fool and his money are easily partied

I have a bridge to sell you


About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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