Crystal Palace FC




Crystal Palace Football Club is a renowned team. FC stands for football club. Crystal Palace is located in London. This area of London is also known as Sydenham.

In 1851 the Great Exhibition was held in Hyde Park. Many countries were invited to show what goods they could manufacture. A huge glass building was constructed. Millions of people came to see it. A journalist called the building ‘Crystal Palace’. The name stuck. In 1853 the building was dismantled. It was moved piece by piece to Sydenham and rebuilt. In 1936 a fire destroyed Crystal Palace. Nevertheless the name stuck to the area.

The football club was founded in 1905. The team has a stadium with a capacity of 25 000.  It is called Selhurst Park. The nickname of the club is known as the Glaziers. This is a reference to the glass of Crystal Palace when it still stood. Crystal is a type of expensive glass.

The symbol of the club is an eagle grasping a ball. Blue and red are the home colours of the club. The club has an alternative name of the eagles in view of its emblem.

The club attracts fervent support. It has had players from countries such as Italy, Serbia, England, Scotland, Wales, Russia, Spain, Ghana, Belgium, Ireland, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France and the Netherlands. SOme of the players are internationals.

There is an under 23 squad. There is also a ladies team.

Three men own the club. The manager is Hodgson.

The club has been runner up in the FA Cup. It has never won the premiership. It has won other cups such as the Surrey Cup.

The club has an intense rivalry with two other South London teams. These are Millwall and Charlton Athletic. Millwall is said to have the most moronic and violent fans. Charlton Athletic is not that good.



  1. When was Crystal Palace founded?
  2. What does FC stand for?
  3. What is the symbol of the club?
  4. Has it won the FA Cup?
  5. Which two clubs are major rivals of this one?
  6. What is the capacity of the ground?
  7. Name it.
  8. What was the original Crystal Palace?
  9. When was the real Crystal Palace burnt down?
  10. What is a nickname of the club?
  11. What is your view of the club? Five marks.

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