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Besiktas JK



There is a football club called Besitkas JK. It is located in the Turkish city of Istanbul. This area of the city is called Besitkas and the sports club takes its name from the area.

Strictly speaking Besiktas is a sport clubs and not only a football club. The letters J K stand for gymnastics club.

The colours of the club are black and white. It was founded in 1903. The stadium is called Vodafone Park. It can hold only 41 000 people.

Besiktas is not as good as the two main teams in Istanbul. They are Fenerbahce and Galatasaray. Beskitas is on the European side the same as Galatasaray.

The team is called the black and whites. There are also known as black eagles.

  1. What sport is Besiktas famous for?
  2.  What does J K stand for?
  3.  Which city is this team in?
  4. What are the colours?
  5.  What are the nicknames?
  6.  What is the stadium called?
  7.  How many people can it take?
  8.  Who are the main rivals?
  9. When was the club founded?
  10. Do you like it?






One of the best football teams in Turkey is Kayserispor. This team is based in the City of Kayseri. The word ‘spor’ means ‘sport’.

The club was founded in 1966. It is a latecomer to the sport scene. It was an upstart to long established teams such as Fenerbahce and Galatasaray. Kayserispor is not quite on the level of the Istanbul duopoly. Kayserispor has won the Turkish cup only once.

The club is nicknamed Anatolian star. This is because the team is from a city in central Anatolia. That is the mainland part of Turkey.

The main colours are dark red. The away colours are white. The third colours are yellow with red lines.

Kadir Has Stadium is the home ground. It can accommodate only 32 000 people.

The symbol of the club is two mountains. The club is based in a very mountainous area.


  1. What does spor mean?
  2.  Where is Kayseri?
  3. When was this club founded?
  4. Which are the best two teams in Turkey?
  5. What are the main colours of this club?
  6.  What are the away colours?
  7.  What are the third colours?
  8.  How many times did the team win the Turkish Cup?
  9. What is the stadium called?
  10.  How many people can it hold?



S S C Napoli


S S C Napoli

The best football team in southern Italy is S S C Napoli. It takes its name from the city of Naples. In Italian the city is named ‘Napoli’. This team is in Serie A – that is the top league in Italy. The time is called Gli Azzurri (the blues) which is the same nickname as the Italian national team. Napoli is also called the parthenopians because of the original name of Naples – Parthenope. That means ‘virgin faced’ in Greek.

Napoli has two tones of blue – light and dark – as its colours.

The S S C stands for Football Sporting Society. The club was founded in 1926 making it a johnnie come lately to the sport in Italy.  SOme Britishers had set up a sports club in Naples in 1906. Only gradually did it evolve into the football club we know today.

In 1984 the club signed Diego Maradona. The Argentine transformed the clubs fortunes. Maradona said in 1990 that Neapolitans should not support the national team. Southern Italians were discriminated against by the north he said. After he left in the 1990s the club went into steep decline.

The away colours are black. The third colours are grey.

The stadium is called San Paolo and can hold 60 000 people.


  1. When was the club founded?
  2. What was the embryo of the club?
  3. Which Argentine played for the club?
  4. What does SSC stand for?
  5.  What are the main colours?
  6.  WHat are the away colours?
  7.  What are the third colours?
  8.  wHAT IS THE name of the stadium?
  9.  What is the city of Napoli called in English?
  10.  What is a nickname of the club?



AC Milan


AC Milan

There are two football teams in the Italian city of Milan. These are AC Milan and Inter Milan. ‘AC’ stands for ‘Associazione Calcio.  In English this means ‘football club’. There is an intense rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan. In Italy the two teams are simply called ‘AC’ and ‘Inter’ for short.

The colours of AC Milan are red and red and black. People sometimes call the club rossonero as in ‘red black’. Inter is ‘blue black’.  Matches between the two are called derby della Madonnina.

San Siro is the stadium of AC. 80 000 people can be accommodated therein.

AC Milan is one of the most celebrated clubs in Italy. It has attracted a following beyond the confines of the Italian State. The club was founded in 1899. Herbert Kilpin was a Britisher in Milan who set up the club. He said they would be like devils and they are sometimes called devils. The colours are red for diabolism and black to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.

There is a women’s team too.


  1. How many famous football teams are there in the city?
  2. What does AC stand for?
  3. What does associazione calcio mean in English?
  4. What is the main rival of AC?
  5. Which city is AC in?
  6. When was the club set up?
  7.  Who founded it?
  8.  What was his nationality?
  9.  What is the name of the stadium?
  10. What is the capacity of San Siro?
  11. What do you think of this club?





There is a football team based in Turin called Juventus. Note that Juventus is pronounced ”you VENT tooss”. The word Juventus is a Latin word meaning ‘youth’.

Juventus FC is one of the most successful football teams in Italy. Supporters of this club call it ‘Juve’ for short. It has many nicknames such as ‘la vecchia signora’ (the old lady). It has won 35 league titles.

In 1897 this club was founded as an athletics club. Members played many sports and football was one of them. It is the second oldest football club in Italy. The oldest is Genoa founded in 1893. The Agnelli family started to manage the club in 1893. They have managed it almost nonstop ever since.

The colour of this football club are black and white vertical stripes. The away colours are cream. The third set of colours are black.  The club plays in the Italian Serie A. This is the equivalent of the premier league.

Juventus has fans throughout Italian and indeed the world. The club is said to stand for Italianess since its admirers are not only located in the Turin area. Many Juventus players have appeared for Gli Azzurri – the Italian national team. There are plenty of foreign internationals who play for Juventus.

There is a women’s team as well. There is also a youth team.

The City of Turin is called ‘Torino’ in Italian and some other languages. Turin is a well laid out and handsome city. It lies in the foothills of the Alps. It is in north-west Italy. It is not far from the French border. Turin briefly served as the capital of Italy in the 1860s.


  1. Which city is Juventus in?
  2.  What does Juventus mean?
  3. When was the club established?
  4. Which family manages it?
  5.  Is this the oldest football club in Italy?
  6. What is a nickname of Juventus?
  7. What are the main colours of this FC?
  8. Is there a female team?
  9.  Is this club successful?
  10.  Do you like Juventus?

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no holiday in England.


the queen ============================================


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1945 V E day.

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