Daily Archives: April 18, 2019

TH regrest the excessive spread of English=========================================



imperialist. language death. cultural genocide. loss of identity. presever linguistic diversity

different ways of thinking. words we do not have.  globalism. homogenise the world. bland. monochrome.

capitalist exploitation. using Anglicism when unnecessary. car sharing. business. cool. ok. stop.



englosh unites. peace communication. business. education . prosperity. mutual understanding. global culture.

pilots. ships.

language death happens anyway. englosh adopts words. half word from latin and rgeek ofen via fench. takes from german, dutch. inuit. hinid. tamil. Chinese. Japanese. kiroshi.

stop s a frenchw ord.

we know each other . we compregend each other and like each other. perceice each other as human. jaw jaw better than war war.

a dream of Anna dying


I was n a large house with senior members of my family. Anna died. It was not dramatic. We were all watching. was it a heart attack? But she was lying there. It was sudden but no one was shocked. she was still and we were stoical. I was indifferent. she has been such a pain of late. have cosndiered vsiting her in recent years but raio rentals counseled me against since she is so irksome.i shrugged if off

a minute later she came abck to life. she sat up and spoke tranquily. for all the world it was as thogh she had not died

just read aboyt Lazarus moments yesternight when someone died nd heary restarts itself some mintues later.

mist go west. be near the old country incase elderly relatives ass on. want to be there for the obsequies.