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put down for Yorkshireman


you put the cunt into scunthorpe.


fat jokes


body of a sumo wrestler. body og a god buddha. you beat anorexia. built for comfort not speed.

keep you warm in winter. in summer plenty of shade. if a ship sinks well – you look like a life buoy. no shark could ever get its jaws around you. they don’t attack whales.


parliamentary arithmetic =============================================


650 MPs

643. sit. majority 322.

tories 313. 10 DUP

If DUP rebels tories will fall.

244 labour,, they need to gain 80 seats

35 SNP

Lib dems 12

independent group 11. probablyl all lose seats. tends to happen when defect and stand in same constituency. only v strong local fllwing will save them




catholic unionists ===================================================


the cross of st patrick

irish saltire

George Choudhary best, MP.

loyalusts prior to union.

moral courage. to be blackguarded. motives impuygned/ sent o coventry


Catholicism from England. Laudabiliter. st Patrick from GB. pope recognized union

rightful authority. freedom for RCs in Ireland and UK not in france

catholic chaplains in army and navy. London founded maynooth.

1800. union and emancipation.

army, navy, ric. civil service. no conscription.

blenner hasset.

colonial governors in hong kong, the Punjab.

martins in galways

anti home rule rallies catholics priests

walter macdonald. mayntooh. argued for conscription.

sir denis henry. orange meetings.

RC in b specials and men from the south.

men from SOuth in british army all the time.

judges. oath of allegiance.

NILP. Liberals. sheelagh murnaghan

louis boyle. RCs in UUP

O Hara the price of my soul.

head of RIC.  Jamie flanagan. head of UDR Ormrod.

sir john Gorman.

daughter of IRA man in a unionist party

catholic unionsist candodates.

majority of RC wanted union before 2016. higher than scots prods. but voted SLDP SF

some SF voters were pro union.

there as anti catholic bigotry.

nationalists took oath. Collins and de Valera. I will be faithful and bear true allegiance.

nationalist for absolutist or instrumental reasons. discrimination gone

no loyalist terrorism, no objectionable confuct from crown forces. did not kill anyone since 1994.

dozens killed by dissident republicans since then. almost all catholics and irish.