Daily Archives: April 12, 2019

Julian Assange======================================


who he. sarah palin. hunted down like bin laden. merciless. hyperbole.

aussie. single mum  poor. IT guy


inside WikiLeaks.  the speigel.

distant. conceited. ideas aboyt himself

chelesea manning. bradly mannung

diplomatic cables. Iraq war diaries. 2010. slaying civilians.

US cut off money.

do not stop torture. lying. what US really thought. spying on EU. NOT prioritizing al aqeda.

2010. in hiding.

rape in Sweden. Saudi arabia of feminism.

no asylum. went to ecuadroean embassy

lady gaga. pamela Anderson. police

kicked out. arrest

extradition. stealing info hacking.


dissimilarities between british and American ==================================================


grey and gray

write me back

primary school. elementary school.

middle school. junior high

secondary school. senior school.

public school. private school. independent school

grade. year.

kindergarten. nursery. preschool. play centre. centre.

movie theatre. theater.

write me back.

cross walk. zebra.


bathroom. restroom. washroom. lavatory. loo. toilet. jacks. Thomas Crapper’s invention. public convenience. WC

buddy. mate, pal.

guys. lads. bloke. chap. chapess. geezer. gaffer.

bird. chick. doll. hen.

red neck. white trash, trailer trash.  chav. oik. pleb. plebbage. gurrier. laner.

all right. all wight.

dick van dyk. mary poppins

lets go fly a kite.

real fast.. real nice.


dream of a Romanian female


I was speaking to her. do not know who she was. perhaps looked like phiebe cates. watched videos of her yesternight

this woman told me about her life. had a relarionship with a police officer. married him. showered him with gifts. it all turned sour. then she became pregnant. wpuld she give birth to the infant? then she would be tied to that man. did not find out what happened

why did she tell me her tale? met a churchwarden yesterday evening.she told us her life story. very dissimilar to the one in the drea, though

Jallianwala ======================================



sensitive issue. what happened. unrest. first world war. security legislation. congress

riots. 5 people killed. arson. meetings banned

dyer opened fire.  60 men. 10 000s young men. no machinegun.

475 + killed.

rebuked. resigned. churchull saying it was monstrous. mealy mouthed. fulsome denunciation required. equivocating .

retirement fund. hero of the hour. savior of the pubjab

invested as a sikh at the hari mandir

Nehru on a train with dyer. dyer said e took pity on the town.

accident. died 8 years later

sir Michael o dwyer. udham singh

issue suppurates 100 years later. commemorations. british dignatry

cmaeron signed book of condolence.

apology? would ot bring closure and improve relations?