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Indian contribution to the UK=============================================


Ashoka. human rights

truth alone triumphs

maths. chess. advanced

1600. seamen. intermarried

spices. ivory. tea. tigers.

east india company army. sanskirt. learning. sir William jones


Indian professionals trader.s indian civil servants. laboureirs. fiji. Kenya. SA, Trinidad. maurtious

indian army. sikhs

opium wars.

largest volunteer army.

Britisih Indians.

A dream of peter


I was with Peter – the old chap who died a few year ago. He was mopping the loo or some such place. He told me how university had been out of the question for him as a working class boy though he wanted to go. He had been the smartest in his school. He was self assured and bonhomous. He was in his customary mid blue clothes. all of a sudden he was in a clown outfit but it did not seem odd to me. I miss the kindly old duffer. he is a sumbol of mortality. pam told me of his demise in January

then I was with a group of pupls and teachers. they did some act. all coming into a gym and saying a spiel. A boy says a few lines, then a girl then a teacher. reciting a well known poem. all in funny costumes. dod not remember what it was.

then I was thinking of Jerusalem by Blake playing. There was a sympahont orchestra giving tiw elly. like closing of tpry conference. made me call to mind blakes grave. should makde a vid there an rcite. and did those feet in ancient times.