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shapiro on climate change


would he support revenue neutral carbon tax

says biologists know no more about climate than he does. biologists know more aboyt phsyics and chemistry.

aim to say climate change is not so bad. that countering it would hurt the economy

that we can set up nuclear power stations instead. why not for iran?

lukewarm climate change. uncharacteristic

”carbon emissions can make the world warmer.” can?

surreptitious – put in doubt.

”varies place to place. ” but sea will rise.

”create new taxes without cutting taxes.” the man suggested revenue neutral.

begins with many questions. on effects

data unreliable. big study in Britain data falsified. did not name it. falsified in which direction?

big oil paid for studies to favour it.

”a solution to the problem that does not involce killing of millions of human beings.”

who suggested that?

denial is apt it is a scientific fact.

there are solutions. carbon reduction.

cars, planes house, AC.

”gradual rise of sea level is going to kill millions of people” left idea

dishonorable to suggest anyone said that.

climate change can kill through hunger,

cities move. fertile land.

climate change is probably happening? irrefutable that it is happening.

methodology may be flawed. different impact in different lands

figurative language.

take a gun into woods if bear might be there

take a tank into the woods. misleading comparison

we know climate change is happening. beyond argument.

data may be inaccurate. datate is forever changing to wait

we have an avalanche of data. we capture so mant statistics.

no single datum sums it up.

climate scientists been compoling data for years.

cost. think of that.

”cost of energy passed on to consumer leaving people in poverty”

but he does not care about penury

guilt trip people about trying to save the planet.

use less energy. insulation, public transport.

could be subsidies. coal is subsidised.

overreaction he says.

but other positive benefits.

”lower standard of living” but it will improve quality of life

population movement os a solution. he opposes that. but there will be less land as population grows.

sneaky in overlooking overcrowding.

”free market will curb this on its own”

”hard left position is take over anything” choice is not trinary. he said there were three positions

pull the wolol over peoples eyes by talking aboyt the left

look at left govts in india, china, N Korea

people beguiled by self belief

no applause lines to make his admirers ululate with glee

”lower global stanrd of living” to cope with climate change

what is standard of living? air quality. noise pollution. green space. traffic jams.


he does not care aboyt standard of living of most people

fewer children.

blind faith that free market will sort it out in 100 years

by that time problem will be much worse.

free market will chase $.

he calls marxit utopia. true

but he has his capitalist utopia.

leftists need a cause. he has his causes zionims. puritanism.

scorns leftists thinking they are moral and virtuous.

”drag your parents and kill them in the gulag” left wing attitude. oversimplifies.

overlooks US detention camp Guantanamo.

sloganizing about MAGA. reliable way to get cheers

family buzz word.

gulls them by talking about miraloity

presents opposing argumentation as intrinsically laughable.

do not dignify with answer.

unwethy of discussion.

logical arguments are difficult to construct.

even more challenging . time consuming to explicate.








How shapiro dupes people==========================================


know for copious speeches. his bon mot facts don’t care about your feelings

reputation for a razor sharp intellect. very belligerent

blinds with speed

people mistake speed for logic or articulacy

first impressions. people judge by appearance.

subcinsciosly convinced by seeming to be convinced himself

people believe in what is seen to be strongly believed in.

I am too mild mannered, even handed, I offer deeper explanations offer reservations

I recognize merit on the opposing side.

shapiro – no holds barred

used multiple logcail fallacies not so apparent to the untrained mind

he often dissmbles

speaks rapidly an there is clarity to his diction. though he enunciates properly he does not wish to be comprehended at a profound level

do not allow them time to ruminate oon his words

he obscures rather than enlightens

enthralling to watch. he is self possessed.

has aptitude as a rhetori. hailed as a latter day quintilian,

institution orations – to be a good rhetoritician you must first be a good person

he thrills in demeaning his interlocutors.

shapiro is a faithful spouse.

unimpeachable family man.

not especially eloquent. not orotund. pleasingly free of bombast.

des not resort to sesquipedalian words.

that might irk people if they are left feeling dim

plain speaking. fearless truth teler.

I dislike hm but should be allowed to say his piece.

skilled in the dark arts of gulling the audience.

his voice is not euphonious. it grates on my ears. but still listenable,

his maner grinds my gears.

delivers his orations at the top of his voice

voice projection is not needed now.

speaks for the you tube generation . they want to see people ;owned’

people under 30 conditioned to have the concentration span of a may fly.

a civilized debate would be too civilized and restrained.

gentlemanly conduct is bland.

he pitches speech right for his audience.

his viewership do not want to hear things that are over their heads

do not want terms which need too much explanation

lists factors.

they want to see his opponents bested

he does not come off second best.

his success in monetizing condescion is awe striking

would have thought that being so snide would rub people up the wrong way

no he is raking in the cash.

invented a way to make millions by being smug

verbal pyrotechnics.

his bon mot is facts don’t care about your feelings.

consummate debater in that he is self-assured and hyper aggressive

caustic towards opponents. that goes down a storm in the US. ‘tough’ is exlated as the supreme virtue.

no need to be scornful or unchivalrous.

he ripostes with aplomb

he is no fool. presumably recognizes that some of what he says consists of formal fallacies and informal fallacies

easy to sway crowds like that. I have sometimes done this and been surprised how easily people fall for bunkum. tell them what they wish to hear. applause lines and faulty reasoning


contends that governments state and federal can do nothing about privation

suggest some notions cannot be opposed. Israel should be a jewish state.

denounces the wickedness of poverty reduction in the US

then holds up benefitting Israel as a moral imperative

never breathes a word against what he would term socialism in Israel.

this casts a pall of doubt over his sincerity.

worked for breitbart . white nationalism. questionable whether it was anti semitic

pro Israel pieces but attracted anti semites.

dubious dalliance with white nationalists.

there is no white privilege.

it is beyong argument that anti black prejudice exists and is more prevalent than anti white prejudice.

no slavery repartions. wants them for the holocaust.

incontestable that the holocaust happened. I met a survivor.

survivors were slaves.

it is beyong argument that the US has more gun deaths than oher rich lands with gun control.

jury is still out on whether concealed carry helps reduce gun crime.

that is a distraction

what is military grade weapon. that is a moot point. mired in technical detail.

climate change. no debatable that it is happning. some even dispute that.

is it man made. wait for verdict. then it is too late

do something now.

I do not swim to Ireland.

he is not thought provoking.

misdirects by talking about the evils of communism.

magisterial in changing the subject


masterful in use of straw man arguments. 100 dollar minimum wage

guns – why not ban handguns

has his talking points. guns needed for revolution.

where are they used to resist tyranny? Palestine

vitriol against Palestinians.

masterly in use of hyperbole. Obama jew hating

dinated to by AIPAC. addressed them. invited to Israel. jewish appointees.

irate when Israel is not even thwarted simply not verbally supported

vituperative towards Obama. not so towards bush or trump

Benghazi. American diploamts killed abroad under Clinton and Reagan.

bile. the people v Obama

no prosecution.

oracular on muslims on the trheat. no solution.

a Cassandra. war against the muslim world?

vents his spleen at muslims.

what does bible say about apostasy?


degrading towards gays

branding reproach against dr neil de grass Tyson. bureaucratic leftist on climate change

shapiro wants things banned. is he bureaucratic. prisons. drugs. abortion.

need laws for lawyers

philippics against iran.

israle introduce nukes to middle east despite peres saying it would not.

diatribe against iran. who occupies Palestine and Syria?

delivers lines with utter convtions. dupes many.

arms make you safer. but not for Palestine or iran.

wanted to expel Christian and muslim israelis

they are pullulating. family values

Israel is occupying Palestine. a lie of omission

Poland gained german land. by international agreement

indignant when questioned about Israel

touches a raw nerve. goes to core of his identity

getting hot under the yarmulke

deep emotional investment

wats to vindicate his ancestral homeland.

criticisms of Israel rankle

best human rigths record in region. hard to contest. maybe Lebanon?

proposition that ethnic minorities be booted out, dishonorable.

arabs have fought for irael and he has not. he cannot refute that.

Israeli arabs are sometimes chrisitan. slip that under the radar. what would his snake handler Christian fundamentalists think?

minimum wage

not a panacea for all ills

combative on that one. why so exercised

goes into each debate spoling for a fight.









democratic contenders=========================================


pick sumer 2020

packed field

who is not there? Oprah. Michelle O. Hillary. Hollywood actor. Richard Ojeda.

bill gates. pay for healthcare.


andew yang

U B I. self made millionaire


no elected ppffice.


Elizabeth warren. native American. Pocahontas. minority hire. law prof. too dry and cerebral. care about ordinary people. system broken. debt

dull down to earth.


amy kobulchar


Tulsi gabbard

hindu. samoa. german.

US navy. was against same sex marriage


matt buttegig

37. telegenic. down to earth. approachavle.

Rhodes scholar. linguist. cerebral.

gay mayor. mid west. religious

pro abortion


kamala harris.

prosecturo. black and indian. californa. house of reps

married late. no children. very pro aboriton


Bernie sanders

old. Vermont. jewish.

socialist. sincere. unspun. no presentbale.

no personally ambitious. does not trim. a man of ideas. cares for the needy. reduce suffering.



Joe Biden. VP. name recognition. can fund raise. affable . vacuous. moderate.

energise republicans?

delware lawyer

plagiarized neil Kinnock. why am I the first in 1000 generatons to go to university,

too old? hugged women.