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logical fallacies of B shapiro========================================


he lives in California. den of iniquity. debating wizard. coveted ability to convince people

picked his constituency. gun nuts, Zionists, Christian evangelicals, free market fundamentalists, – these overlap.

not know for their cognition. critical faculties suspended.

his enemies bad too. he pours scorn on some liberal left pieties. for that I thank him.

but I do not warm to him. sneering, stuck up, mean spirited. delights in belittling people

do nothing about suffering and privation

though thoroughly dislikeable he could still be dead right

amass evidence and deploy effectualy to persuade people.

construct a cogent and logical argument.

vice. drugs. nude dancing. gays. immigration. black people Hispanics. children out of wedlock. abortion.  minimum wage. wind turbines. gun control. sanctuary cities. higher taxes. schwarzneggar was a liberal republican.

but he lives there.

Ashkenazi name.  knows a lot aboyt commie tyranny. other shapiro was Maozedong’s translator. read his editions of Chinese tales.

fallacy of many questions. machineguns his opponent with many complicated questions rather than defend his position or explicate his model

why not do this? explain to me why African-americans have children out of wedlock

lack of reply appears to vindicvate the questioner. not strictly germane.

come to the point.

logical fallacy is an argument that dupes many but is in fact unsound

shapiro s very experienced and seasoned debater.

existential fallacy. lambasted Obama for calling on Israel not to kill so many Palestinian civilians. ”a state has a right to defend itself”. universal premise. his particular conclusion  – that Israel should not seek to reduce the number of civilians it kills. But Palestine killing illegal occupuing soldiers is terrorism.

from general to the particular.

”only a matter of time until one of these rockets hits an Israeli population centre.”

July 2014


770 ktt h . CONSERvative radio. November 2016

trying to pack in as many logical fallacies as possible he can

thought terminating cliché socialism. knows his audiences. buzz words and trigger words

his claque will clap jeer or hoot on queue. the crowd has no critical faculuty

framing – associating something with

appeal to accomplishment. I went to Harvard. brainy chap does not mean we have to agree.

argument from authority.

appeal to wealth. I am handsomely paid so I am right.

if you have better uqalifications you get paid more. people with PhDs get less. hookers, drug dealers, sports starts singers get more.

not about qualifications

”is it the role to implement cosmic justice” how about pledge of allegiance ”with libery and justice for all.;’

cpourt law and justice.

absurdity in suggesting minimum wage is like saying he should get to be a basketball player. flippant. appeal to reidicule. 

appeal to nature. minimum wage is unnatural. this is how economies work. economes are man made – we have rules. we have taxes and subsidies. governments intervene all the time. age limits banned products.

appeal to tradition . no mimumum wage in the past.

broken window fallacy. November 2016

against minimum wage. There will be costs but it not paying it means lost opportunity costs

not to obvious what is lost

minimum wage good for economy. not really because it impoverishes many.

circular reasoning. market determines wages – that is his conclusion. we have different abilities and there should be no minimum. he starts out with what he wishes to finish up with.

ignoration elenchi – irrelevant conclusion. market decides wages. not pertinent. SHOULD we have a minimum wage to give people a decent standard of living? SOmeone had to be lowest paid. some are talentless.

straw man argument. said govt should not try to create level playing field. government is not trying to introduce a level playing field as in eual wages for all

”I would never force an employee to work for a certain wage because that violates 13 the amendment and would be slavery” –

no one is talking about obliging a worker to work for a particular employer

dupes people

goes on to say he would not force employer to pay a wage

false equivalanece. likens minimum wage to servitude.  slavery on most of the world including many US states.

so immiral

appeal to consequences. minimum wage would improve standard of living. he cannto contest that so he says it would increase joblessness.

appeal to consequences. if you have minumu wage it will raise rent and costs. unproven. unfalsifiable. have to build affordable housing, to raise taxes.

rpices go up anyway! real wages down.


same minimum wage debate.

slippery slope fallacy on wages – why not $100

no sense of proportion. reasonableness.

we know unreasonableness when we see it.

said low teenage employment in state of Washington. no casual link found

could be other reasons why teens in that state do not work much. rich parents, they are better paid in Washington,  study more, chilling, hobbies, studying the bible or shooting.

appeal to ridicule 100 dollar minimum wage.

I will shapiro mr shapiro. if low wages are so wonderful why not 1 cent a centry? economic growth.

claims to want to see leftist policies implemented. but says he opposes them. self contradiction

why not introduce minimum wage all at once rather than phase it in? if they have such big profits. trying to make his opponents argument more hardline

economy is not a fixed pie. we are not hunter gatherers. we do not ebat each other with rocks.

contradiction in terms. forced altruism. capitalism – if I do not give you something that you want I will starve.

appeal to spite. socialism is selfish I shud get something for being alive.

cherry picking. disregard evidence which blows his argument out of the water – that minimum wag would have a deleterious effect on employment

minimum wage in many propserpus places lik Scandinavia Luxembourg, Monaco. UK. france.

magical thinking ABOLISH food stamps and wages will ”automatically increase”

belief that belieing it will make it happen

govt food stamps susbidies companies. food stamps not to employees of small business

my solution – give food stamps to all low paid!

no example of automatic increase. what if it doe snot work? starvation

wishful thinking

argument from ignorance. claiming it is true because it has not been falsified.

argument from repetition. minimum wage eliminates jobs. repeated ad infintium so must be true.

red herring bill gates did so much good with inventions.

moyher Theresa did less good. sure she had less money.

overhweaming expceiton fallacy bill gates. he was richest man in the world.

survivorship bias. many business failed .

bill gates support minimum wag BTW

yes goods and services can help. make life better. but he does not want them to be affordable.

rich sometimes inherit wealth or provide harmful things like drugs, guns, alcohol, tobacco. pollution.

overlooks differential propensity to spend

$14 or $15 an hour will not make economy grow. it takes million in investment for products to make the economy grow. these 1 dollars add up.

it is often minerals makes it grow.

fallacy of a single cause. economic growth is due to inequality. not education , laws, minerals , land etc…

wrong direction.  mistakes cause for consequences. says inequality causes economic growth. but economic growth increase inequality became the rich get rich a a fatsre rate than the poor are lifted out of poverty.

he says minimum wage favours large business . why do they sometimes oppose it then? if $ is all that matters.

wealth inequality causes economic growth. texas sharpshooter fallacy. there is a cluster of statiscs. that does not prove that it is interconnected. lower inequality in every other MEDC and in many of them high average wages and stringer economic growth.

 inductive fallacy -instantly assuming that income gap causes economic growth inventions and good services. scant evidtnail basis for that.

appeal to stone  – suggesting  claim is ludicrous without proving it is so. The claim ebing that unequaluty causes poverty. take 1 dollar frm a billionaire and give to a womanw ith nothing tat reduces poverty and inequality.

income inequality at Walmart does not cause poverty. could be true but a vacuous truth. does not show that a minumim wage is bad.

false distinction – not a problem of equality a problem of poverty.

pooh argument ”you might say that workers of the world are uniting” suggest argument does not merit proper discussion

misleading vividness.   appeal to emotion. guys with guns coming to your house.  shocking and violent images. irrelevant to minimum wage. he is pro gun. he likes Israeli soldiers breaking into Palestinian family homes.              facts do not care about your feelings.

proving too much. if guys with guns is a valid rationale for opposing this law then no laws should exist since ultimatelt they might all have to be enforced by police

false analogy or false comparison. left says a gay couple should wed . consent matters. but consent does not mater when workers and employer agree a contract

employer can have millions of workers. husband is not an employee.

pay everyone the same and nationalize all businesses. straw man and reduction ad absurdum.

states without minimum wage S Carolina, alabama, Louisiana. tennessee

below avager minumu  gerogia.


special pleading. 2003 articule calling for Christians and muslims to be forcibly removed from Israel

he demands an exception to the general rule that citizens are allowed to reside in their counttry

does nit justify this. Israel a jewish state. he tells us the US is Judeo-Christian. does not want muslims to be booted out of US despite thinking they are bad.

does not call for ethnic minority citizens to be removed form any other country.


spot my logical fallacies.




Brexit may’s ga,bit====================================


announcement election or referendum?

this cannot go on

no. talks with corbyn

wrong foot labour. if Corbyn agrees to Brexit he will incense spme labour moderstes wjho may try to kick him out

caight on the horns of a dielmma

if he does not agree he angers leavers in party but many labor voters. has not been prime ministeirla. no risen abou partisan politics. not put national interest first. not ended deadlocl

a quandary. he is not a naif.

may not personally ambitious. not playing cunning games. Brexit has spelt finis to her career.

not an astute tactician.  no Mayism. will not go down in history as a fabulous premier.

folly in failing to get agreement

three groups in parliament. remain . leave agreement

80 % were remain


40% are still remain.

10 % hardline leave

50% agreement. i.e. some were leavers and some were remainers

Norway deal . customs union. free movement. no trade deals. contribution? second referendum. lost by 3 votes

deflect some remain concerns by being only a semi brexit

allay their worst fears. worries misplaced.

election. SNP lose some seats. SNP extreme remain. but leave gives them another bite of the chrry

win win for SNP. westmonster is palsied. misgovernment

bitter nad frustarred state of mind of SNP if they do not get UK chaos.

don’t they want moderation

ultimate in self contradiction to want to separate from enland to unite with Croatia and Bulgaria.

go far Corbyn poker faced. ball is in his court piece. seems statesmanlike

grave error of judgement not to discuss it. privy council

he will be saturated with pleas to remain

based on the assumption cannot fail to be harm to the UK gravely,

look so far economic growth, unemploytmnet down

ne medicines and no fruit. fallacy . patent absurdities

raises doubts abut those who professed these fears are in earnest about anthing.

remakrab;e f this is not sorted out by 22 may

renain want to stall and stall. play for time. they are in the Eu the longer they can delay

pretend Brexit is a force for evil.

I am perfectly sure the EU wants to prevent more secession.

why regret democracy? EU is supposed to be founded on that.

eastern European communist countries dd not go by the will of the people. look what happened

force EU down the throat of the majority.

government unable to tackle knife crime NHS education. environment.