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Bob Barr


nominative determinism that he saw the bar?

will he bob in the sea?


THW outlaw boxing=========================================



model – no boxing. prosecute boxers, refs, spectators. anyone who pays promotes or encourages. 1 year in prison

  1. dangerous. brain damage. pseudo parkisnon’s detached retine death. we have to pay for cost of medical care and disability.
  2. glamourizes violence. fans fight, brutalizes society

3. it does not regulate it. people fght illegally anyway. bare knuced boxing. we cannot make abuse nice by legalizing it.




  1. liberty. choice. my body. ban all sport. thin end of the wedge. open a door we cannot shut. we all die anyway.

2. health. exercise. doctors there. regulated

3. people fight anyway. so reduce harm. it will be illegal.


Allegations against Biden


Former Vice-President Biden has been accused of hugging a woman in an inapposite manner. The female concerned said it was not sexual assault. No doubt Republicans will seek to capitalize on this. These accusations are not exactly ‘grab em by the pussy’ territory. In decades of public life only two women have said that Biden made them feel gauche.

20 women accused Trump of the worst kinds of sexual assault. But according to Republicans that is a non-issue. I am not certain if Trump is guilty. We have to choose between believing a man who has told over 4 000 proven lies on the record since become president and  believing 20 women. I am not sure who is telling the truth. But I can hazard a guess.

Jordan Peterson===================================


Canadian prof  psychologist. Harvard.

educated at alberta and McGill. worked in hospital

burst onto the scene a few years back/ 2013 you tube channel. 12 rules for life. 2018.  public intellectual,

contratian controversialist

aims at young males whites.  taljks about criris of masuclitunit. jobs. army. me too

phlegmatic, reflective

but no ivory tower intellectal

deadpan and courteous delivery. restrained, monotone, bland , almost langoruous,

not too supercilious. profs can be haughty. not moralistic

one solitary occasion heard him raise his voice

a low energy ben shapiro – a placid and kindly avuncular version of shapiro. with the condescension and the moralizing.

only platitude is quest for truth and vindication of the right to free expression and free inquiry

should be academic ground zero. a sign of the times that these days seems solipsistic to care about things so fundamental

intellectual dark web. only one with PhD except sam harris.

Peterson is indifferent to economics.

large print version of him is stepehen crowder.

not animated. hard to work up a rage against someone so mannerly and soft spoken

against swivel eye foam flecked fanatics.

makes the abstruse accessible

does not speak in psycho babble. avoids stilted lexis.

avoids the opacity of much scholarly discourse in speech. not read his articles

Gloria Steinem said that scholarship is vaued inversely to its comprehensibility.

the more turgid and impenetrable the better

I have trouble with this. heavy weather. I have a rboad lexi. I welcome people using the full breadth of the labguage and borriwnf from other tongues where apposite.

emperor’s new clothes syndrome. writing furphy in an impossibly high register – evaluated better.

his book 12 rules for life is crustal clear. spills onto the page like a musical score,

incaable of penning an inelegant sentence. works are lucid and succinct.

feminism, transgenderism are in his crosshairs. white privilege, environmentalism , cultural appropriation. these are all liberal left totems

bested liberl left. this suppurates for them. beat them at their own high brow game.

people ract with rage to him touching their sacred cows – never mind slaughtering

gender pay gap. choices. careers maternity leave. pripirities. ambitions.

richly droll since Jordan is an androgynous name. what psychological effect dd that have? nomen est omen

he commits intellecutla heresy.

has changed his tune was more conventionally liberal left. members of New democratic party as a teen

when I am wrong I change my mind – what do you do sir? J  M Keynes

said Canada would imprison him for not sing gender pronouns. myth/. Bill C 16. amendmenet to human right act.  can be punished for anytug offensive direcrtly or indirectly een if unintentional.

as though it is a solecism to say he/she and judge things by objectivily verifiable criteria like pudenda or DNA  or chromosomes.

trans hobby horse. fad. challenged me too movement. brave or attention speaking perversity?

incipeitn totalitanriam. soft and liberal totalitarianism. newthink. Orwellian.

crowd funding. patreon banned him

psychologu of arthcietcure and biblical tales.

”classical british liberal” says he is not right wing.

disinvited to camabrdve. posing for photo with a man earing an anti islam slogan.

was against inclsuvie atmosphere. no self awareness? you are excluding him for excluding people?

Peterson talks about ”weaponizing compassion” he si right

against autoritaitna. PC or right wing

victimhood or sympathy for the downtrodden is a stick with which to beat those who question one’s ideas.

selective ourtage of left. men not entering humanities. English – gay or female.


he notes exceptional indilgence afforded to far left regimes. this is not accorded to Nazis and rightly so. he holds no brief for them.

sub Marxist drivel pervades academia.

he notes that the oppressed v oppressor analysis of society s borrowd from Marxism/ Marxist slow motion revoltion.  SJW.

freedom of speech was bourgeois. an illusion. false consciousness. now free speech is cisgender, heteronormative, white, male, etc..

capitalist fascist imperialist

alt right also oppose free expression. kneeling etc…

rightists do not try to disrupt SJW or BLM events.

as peter hitchesn said in the abolition of Britain 1998. Marxists took over not factories. mines, ports and banks

they took over schools, univerisites. teleivison stations. publishing houses, civil service, courts and police.

Jordan says women studies should get no funding

he advises people to avoid most of the humanities as these depts. are infsted by leftists

for psychologcail reasons left wingers are likely to be academics. they want govt funding.

humanities dead white men

pale male ans stale. because untl C19 only pale male stale wrote or held power.

vindication of the rights of women. almost nothing before women published in English prior to that.

queen matolda was a feminist.

peer review. group think. conformity

safe spaces . rgger warnings.  no academic freedom.

radicla honesty

but he spoke at liberty uni. jerry falwell. s not about liberty. Patrick henry college. chritsin world view.

he is vagely Christian.

Peterson s opposed to ethnic politics of right or left.

intolerance of libarl left is worrying

robin page said ‘liberal ‘ is only  1 word oxymoron.

his solicitude for students is admirable.

shrieking hostilt towards him troubles me.

has been compared to speaking like hiterl fro opposing   bill c 16.

free speech fundamentalist.

voltaire quote.

useful corrective to the increasinhly militant and shrill mania of far left.

book burnings? universiites are battelfields. academics are shock troops of liberal left.

drowinging our dissent in a chorus of execration.

we should censure not censor.

his solictude for academic freedom is to be cherished.