Daily Archives: February 26, 2019

THB that technology has gone too far====================================================



we are not total luddites. no technophobes

physical health. locomotion. lazy, obese. no sports. no games.  headaches.

socially disconnected. phones. FB. birthday drink. ‘the net’ film

addicted online. not speaking in hostel. buying more expensive tech. drugs and slaves.

mental health. fantasy world. believing lies. porn. online gambling. dark web.

no nature. concrete over. pollution. bad for environment. fossil fuels. wear clothes.



tech svaes lives. emergency. healthcare. heating. trasnport.. hygiene/

improve quality. travel to work. holidays. houses. clothes. electricyt . running water.

true we need to cut down on phnes. save energy.

communication. friends across the world. jobs. work online. info. education. mooc. PASSING of remoteness.

we had drugs porn and cultes before internet.

we can still do sport. technology can help you drive to the gym and count steps, music as you run.

other side is anti progressive. live in a cave, some do so.



A dream of a rainy day by the green


In the British Isles. crossing a green – perhaps the playing field by Myland

collecitng a child from school. not Friday in fact. I was walking back with a black little girl – slightly plaer than the avergae black. Turned out she is my daughter. did not surprise me. I spoke to her about it how people might not think me her father but I am. She was unemotional about it. I wonder whom she represents. Then the child vanished. It did not strike me as odd or worry me.

My parents were in a hotel. They griped about how it was inadequate. They preferred somewhere they had lodged previously. It began to rain heavily.

There was a railway station or some such. I was nude and my clothes were scattered. could people be distratced such that I could pick them up without any noticing.

I felt a need for treaba mica.

Later people were lining up – males. It wa sa clal up fr the amr.y I saw Peter Cook there – VVp. He was just one among the others. Was it only a call up for their army? I was keen to avoid it.