Daily Archives: February 24, 2019

THB that democracy has failed=========================================



people are dumb and ill informed. misinformaton and disinformation

conitigve biases. bifurcation.

demagogue . mob rule. swinish mutlitude.  stupid decisions. brexit.

people fall for silver tongued. confirmation bias. people are committed to a cause.

unfair elections.



where were we before? plutonomian.

people are masters and not servants

rule of the people….

arc bends towards justuce. emanicaiton of slaves, women , rcial equaluty. literacy. healthcare. standards. technology and science. democratised education.

cruelty of tyrants. rapacious. no fair trials, no free speech. torture and genocide

democracries do not fight each otHer.


F boyle on driving ten miles an hour


only people who drive at 10 mph past a school are clergy

they should because they are driving one handed

have you ever tried it? difficult to do – espically if driving a bus. hardest of all if driving a school bus

it is like pat your head and rub your belly at the same time. patting becomes circular motion

rubbing belly becomes patting

so steering becomes masturbatory. and even more worryingly onanism becomes a steering motion

that is why on ryan air there is a lot of so called air turbulence

ryan air recruits pilots exclusively from defrocked clergy

THW torture in extremis============================================



stop crime. solve crime. find bombs.  I wont tell you / I do not know. lie detector tests same time.

psychological as well as physical sleep deprivation.

only senior officers can authorise. medical care.

find kindpa victims

we hurt people in arrest. in war. collateral damage. it will reduce civilian deaths

it happens anyway. regulate it. reduce. it

nukes. you would fry clothes into skin , incinerate whole cities but not slap a man.

you say our soldiers will e tortured. it happens anyway..

torture is humane. no sadism.



morally unacceptbale. ineffective illegal CAT. ICC. medical ethics. laws of war. UN.barbaric. dark age.

junk info. soldiers told me this

our soldiers would be tortured.

brutalises torture. gets wider and wider. not just murder even for shop lifting. trottue for kics

you may be troruted one day intoa  false cofnession.

when law enforcement break the law in the name f the law ther eis no law.


A revery of Friday


I spike to Friday twice yesternight. He was too busy to chat long on the blower he said.

I dreamt of going to those eastern shires and walking down thestreet past his house . In relaoty I have never been to that burgh. I the bungalogw. he happened to be looking through the window for me. I was ivnited in and sat there. she was there. the small man was there – bearded, geeky and unobtrusive. it did not feel guache to be there.