Daily Archives: February 22, 2019

THW derail privatization=============================================



introduced in the 90s. fail.

delays. triple price. accidents. cut services. congestion. strikes.

railawyas for transport not profit. board. changing managements and logos

tax payers money went to virgin. i changed my mind.

competiton does not work in monopoly. one line. rail track taken back into public ownership.

privatization tried failed. fat cats. robber barons.

moeny to go to new lines. rolling stock ok. new stations

pay compensation.



increased passenegr numbers

change cannot be rervser.d move forward not back

investment needed

british rail. bastard rail. delays. dirty. bad trains. strikes

unworkable. too expensive. no party wants it.

free market. pay for your transprt. work from home. cycle.

better service froom private sector.




THB in one world government=========================================



UN. extend power.

general assembly. wolrd parliament. elections. bicameral. move to democracy. can be voluntary at first

EU, AU etc… evolve into this.

democracy. peace. environmental problems. health. know no borders. we have digned up to human rights. enforcement is ineffectual.

we are all human. race is skin deep. lang. religion. allow local identity and particularities. do not take away expression of this. protect minorities.



UN res[ects sovereignty.

states will withdraw.

how can israel and iran agree ? Palestine not a state.

some states do not contorl own land. transnistria.

UN cannot achieve its own goals. negligent. terribel at extant duties. peace keeping. rwanda. srebrenica. money missing . corruption under kofi annan.

UN no good at preventing wars. even authorises air strikes on libya  , iraq and syria.

look at UN SC – permanent memebrs. Allies club. why is India not there. UK and France should not be there.

sex abuse. piracy. famines. darfur.

tyrannies to have as much power as democracies.

worst human rights abusers to sit in judgement on others…

ICC not accepted by USA…..


A dream of females


I wS GOing somewhere by public trasnport. reflects yearning for blughty. a week to go

later I was with Germany and then Kentucky. I led on to meet the other.

similar build. different ages. glasses. both adores me. I think led Germany. bOTH have wept for me.

kentucky did nit respond badly. she probably wanst me back. should I contact her if all goes south with the hebrew? spoke to the ehyptologist about this a few days back. he sympathsies with ketucky’s wish to e shot of me gor¬† couple of years. unfir on her

she might not tKE ME back Wht with my alley catting.