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THB in a united Ireland=============================================



history.  Ireland is one. has been wnated for ages.  1800 fee simple of irish corruption. corruption of the groessets charatcer. partitoon against wishes of the Irish. millennarian. culture. nationality.

brexit. majority opposed in NI. unmissable opportunity.  look how rich ireland is. businesses moving to dublin

GFA rights will apply in 32 county state. could be devolution.

geogrpahy.  small. economics.  EU market. unionists protected. human rights.

better for GB as dev said. Britishness is a false consciousness

loyalism is sectarianism. say no to british nationalism . littl englander, insualr, xenophobic. racist, pernicious, retrograde. atavistic, reactionary, exclusionary.



democracy .  history, geogrphay, cilture, idenityt . economics.

NI wants to be in UK. polls. elections.

UK larger richer. commonwea;lth , NATO. EFTA.

iRELAND should respect plebsicites on nice and lisbon.

all member states gave each other the right to leave,

maastricht cheated . suprem court ruled.

we had a united ireland. south opted out. Dublin moved further. land annuities. republic . british army out. NI offered and dev said no

UK co oeprated. right to live and work in UK. voting. Irish in UK armed forces. waterways, transport, lighthouses. free trade in the 1960s

nationalism was cut your nose of to spite your face

lang which has not bene revived. cf Wales. being anglophone is a massive boon. ultra nationalist newspapers are not in irish.

in cahoots with terrorism.

british nationalism is borader. many races and faiths. more ethnically diverse. irish lang exlated. irish in passport.

independent in EU is an oxymoron. cf pearse may be preaching a safer saner gospel not the same gosepl.

naitonalists free in NI. nationalists partied even SF existed. tricolour all over. irish lang. irish lanhg motto on belfats lord mayors chain of office. faugh a balla. songs by thomas moore.  british army regiments. irish wolfounds. irish kilts irish pipes.