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India Pakistan situation ==========================================================


enmeshed for millennia.  hindus. mohammad bin qasim. islam


british. .

congress. muslim league. partition of bengal

allama mohammad iqbal

chaudhry rehmat ali

jinnah. 1947. partition


accession. hari singh. hindu

UN ceasefire

islamci republic shariat state. hudood ordinance. islamic ideology council

1970s. casinos, nightclubs. apostasy and blasphemy death . honour killings.




1989 onwards


terrorism. scourage. problem that refuses to go away.

2008 mumbai attacks. 180 civilians. India stayed her mighty hand.


jaish em mhamd , JKLF, Lakshar i taiba

perfidy on part of Pak blandly denying arming, training and direting terrorism.

helped sikh separatists.

mutahida majilis i amal – religious reaction.

RAW is a scapegoat in Pak. Not always false

baluchi separatists.

kashmir conflict. problem refuses to go away. India will lose stomach for the right?

kashmir is an expensive problem

more land to Pak and china. embolden foes.

latest provoiction

indian reaction. trade.

pak close to china. china bulding ports. if india bombs it will kill chinese workers.

pak a cputnerweight to india. do not hear pak complain about mistreatment of msulims in china.

complex interplay.

pak needs saudi for money and jobs. saudi needs pakistani muscle. maybe a nuke

pakistanit in KSA military. sunnis only.

India has worker sin KSA and needs cheap oil,.

pak does not want to upset iran too much. yemen. shia. sunni.



new party in the UK====================================================


8 Labour.

3 tories. 8/11 are women

europhile moderate. toutred for 2 years since referendum

like SDP in 1980s.

they will get nowhere

they do not repreent an interesr. geographically diverse. too considered. no funding. metropolitican elite.

luciana berger v young.

chuka ummuna could have been labour leader.

A dream of escape


I was to be topped. I had said something or published something inciteful. Ther ewas another offence do not remembwr what it was. i was not in the clink or underarrest. Just heard I had been convicted.

Gift came into it. Maybe I spike to her during the revery. inwas resigned to my fate. It was hours to go till I would be killed. Do not remember how. I was in Dacia.

Suddenly chose to escape. I got on a train. decided to travel west. I crossed the border ithout difficultyy. Thoyght I better not use a phone or debit card so could not be traced.

There were other segments of the revery

breaking into a stadium at night. Easy enough to climb over the wall. tyring to get a ball. Ther wweee cows on the field. did not strike me as odd that they were there. one came over 0 a white one. I was ferful that i was the bull. I fell to th gound. It walked over me and the hoofs did not touch me

later went to the club house. two male secuirty gaurds wer ein there and a few others. spoke to them. they were not nonplussed to see me. there was a little boy there – the scamp had broken in. they guards tried to egt him

all of a suddent iwas ahd and amny people stood around.t eh guars chased the child. he ran past me. I took a step forward to obsucre him from the guards’ view

but the boy kept running and was apprehended

later eas with adam. we walked aorund. back i n uyorks. woudl O go back work there. some people rememebred me. what a moistake to be there. should be doing another jon

somoewho it tturned into  apc eb the sea with house son wooden pillars. going into the hosue and to the loo .lost adma

then I was in the gardne is a hotle villa. two oreitnal men came’. one wa atheltic and about 30. the othe rwas obese – hobgoblin ugly looked like zahant

north kroean dioloamst. spoke to them my few words of their laguage. they spoke englsh. gae them business cards. thoyght of wriitnf ro them they were surprisingyl amicable.

what does it signity? A drsire to move to blihjty. just like 9 years ago in dacia.

leave now. don;t go back to old job. have relfetc on a plethro of missed opportuntiies

hwo i longed to achieve something.