Daily Archives: February 14, 2019

THB in a minimum wage===============================================




social justice

will not reduce number of jobs

stiumatles economy.

unfathomable that anyone should oppose.

privilege for the few and privation for the many

wage slavery. strength rets in you for others to use.




destroys jobs.

uneconomic. uncompetitive

get a new job. work more. cut back.

government cannot regulate everything. leads to socialism.

THB that immigration has done more harm than good=============================================



economy. jobs.

cultural disunity.   wag the dog – hijabs, turbans, halal food. cannot offend islam. what is the poppy. enmity. racism. FGM. morris dancing under threat

crime . terrorism.

over crowding . housing. tube . trffic jams.

empire is over. do you want to be a colony again?



good fro economy. pay more in tax than take in benefits. skills shortages. surgegons. teachers. army. Gurkhas. waiters, chambermaids.

immigrants on benefits – the royal family.

1940s falling population. windrush. greying population now.

take jobs they are entitled to take. competition good fpr consumer. qualifications. skills, drive. willing to workf ro less. does not over crowd – houses free in N England.

a few bad things. stop the bad eggs.

cultural enrichment. diversity. however others dress up argument it is racist.  opposing argument is xenophobic and economically illiterate.

A dream of a northern Englishwoman


I dreamt of a white Englishwoman with an accent from the northern shires. I conversed with her long into the night. She was pallid and had dark hair. Not sure whom she represents. Emma? But the female in the revery was tall and Emma is diminutive. looked her up on FB not long ago. She was in the buff. I was abed with her but no coitus occurred.