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why do people oppose social justice?==================================================


does it exist?

what do people want?.

workers rights. job security. unemployment benefits, accident insurance. health and safety rules. short working hours, paid holidays, maternity leave. decent wages. public healthcare and education.


  1. too costly. bad for economy. but it can reduce costs. same people support military spending. US taxes not that low. wages. can be too high but not too low. exploitation been taken out of dictionary. shapiro pretends not to understand proportion. reasonableness. what is reasonable? Debatable.
  2. interference. was said in C 19.
  3. what it will lead to. totalitarianism. they do not care about workers’ rights..

Crowder AOC================================================


no more middle class in US – AOC.

minimum wage. no such thing as exploitation.

disdainful to her as a bar tender

CROWDER contemulious towards blue collars

he also sneers at professors

real wages higher in 60s. cost of healthcare and education.

crowder shrieking and doing impersonations. Bernie sanders never loses it.

”bug eyes” – AOC. ad personam.

”America looks like this” shows beautiful playground. malnutrition, meths, dying from lack of healthcare,

crowder more welth – less evenly distributed

more tech now. not just in the USA.

local food – healthier. but higher wages. lower taxes for most.

accuses AOC of price fixing.

working 2 jobs. some of this is unofficial.

politifact is funded by Podesta’s underground sex ring. a bonkers conspiracy theory

sharing economy – he says left opposes this.

universal basic income. inequality can be ok ”if everyone is doing better”

growing economy. but some people are getting worse off. working 7 days.

claims she does not understand economics. she studied it. Boston college. cum laude



Candace Owens on Hitler. ================================================


she said hitler was ok when he wanted ”to make germany great and have things run well. ok fine”.

”I don’t have any problems at all with the word nationalism. ”

nationalist. ethno nationalism.

”he wanted everyone to be german to speak german veryone to look a different way .”

adored by KKK.

hitler became a globalist

hitler took ove in 1933.

did not take foreign land until march 1938 – almost not foreign

sept 1938 took sudenteland. mostly german

march 1939 rest of czechoslovakia

what was wrong before this? anti democratic. killing oppoentns , members of own paryt

no free press, banning other parties.  banning trades unions. concerntartion camps. anti gay campaigns. sham elections. operation hummingbird. several hundred slain.

nurmebeg laws. discrimination.

operation T2.

she is worried about low borth rate like hitler

candace owens against affirmative action, but benefits from it.