Daily Archives: February 12, 2019

all adults should do military service=============================================




model – 1 year. 18.

needed for defence


fitness. discipline.

men and women. disabled. conscientious objecotrs.




rights. intrusive. totalitarian

not needed. drones.

teach people. PE

conscientious objection makes a mockery of it.

world is miving away from it.

ten days that shook the world===========================================


john reed. USA. Harvard. died 32

interred in kremlin wall necropolis. big bill haywood. c e ruthenberg

journalist. communus

October revolution. spoke Russian and French.

see film reds, played by warren ebatty. louise Bryant.

met lenin who spoke good English

Lenin’s imprimatur. said it was scintillating and should be translated

did not meet stalin s approbation. nary a mantion of him. peppered with Trotsky;s name. Bronstein.

too much detail at first. minutiate of politics. not a page turner

vivid. limns scenes – physical description, voices. seldom uses the word ‘said’


lack of violence at first.

acknowledges confusion and complaints. riveting passages.

flilm ten days that shook…