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speech to the people



In 2014 after 23 years without hope a great people was back on its feet

the long nightmare of oppression. the people moved forward into the dawn of freedom

you did not choose to fight. this fight was forced upon you. you fought for mere self-preservation

you were obliged to fight due to the inherent violence of oppression

all across the globe right thinking people watch your gallant battle for self assertion. people of good will are on your side. their hearts go out to you in your valiant struggle.


like everyone else I wish this conflict could end today.

tomi lahren and Christianity=======================================


martyrdom is a gift.

people mocked jesus. snowflake. crybaby.

hyper sensitive.

do you mock muslims for their faith

be good to the sojourner, suffer the little children to come unto me.

give to the poor. gleaners. the man with two shirts must give one to a man who has none

women should not speak in public

no forgiveness from tomi. love your enemies. do good to those who hate you.

he who lives by the sword will die by the sword…..

ahmedinajad – the hidden imam with him.

maudro. Chavez appears to him as a bird.

SOCIALism has evolved==========================================


socialism a living animal

marx only one of many socialist thinkers. communist is more accurate.  not accepted at the time.

bolsheivks fight against other socialists. SRs, trudoviki, mensheviks.

this is not 1917. \

bolsheivks allowed peasants to own farms.


yes later colelcticivation/ by 1980s free enterprise

corporations in N Korea. communist Romania eople owning houses

cuba allows some capitalism.

almost no one says state should own all means of production, distribution and exchange.

social democrats. all EU countries , India Pakistan, Australia etc… none of them advocate state control of everything.

limits on capitalism. some public services….

veterans admin US. govetnment good at healthcar.e veterains want it.

why not abolish it?

farm subsidies

gasoline subsidies. so get rid of them. that might give renewbale energy a chance and more public transport…..


A dream of the college of our lady


the night before last I dreamt of the place. had received an email from it asking for registration. I am prone toe xcessive reminisnce and introspection

in the dream I wondered around the place-  the old bit, college. into some lesser known rooms at the back. In fact such palces as I saw do not exist. upcrekaing wooden staircases – into narrow poorly furnished rooms. oak paneled walls. little classrooms and librariers. ancient secretaries in florl print dresses. they let the local community use these rooms for classes on whatnot.

so often  I reflec ton mye ducaiton and the pisspoor chocies I have made.s elf flagellate. cannot fofer fordyas; child what I was given. how wprthless I feel. what have I squandered?