Daily Archives: February 6, 2019

organ donation compulsory===========================================


THB that subject to an opt out organs of the deceased should be public property


save lives. livers, hearts, lungs. experiments. medical education. sate has right to demand you do things. be humane and compassionate. care for the living.

dead do not need them. dead have no rights. we move bones anyway

opt out is there.



unethical. repesttec the dead. human rights

grieving family and parents. some are dumb, slow, young do not think about it

people killed for organs


do we want people t live forever anyway? used for spare parts.


Trump and wishful thinking==========================================


intelligence chiefs say Iran is not developing nukes

trump said go back to school.

conclusion has been reached 11 times

IAEA said the same.

”horrible deal” but is honoured

iran ”vicious country” torture.

but Saudi is worse

”does not have to agree”. it is not about agreeing. it is about the truth

Israel’s documents stolen from iran date to before JCPOA.

trump on intel. intel said WMD in Iraq. but they said there was evidence. also said there was evidence WMD was not there.

Bolton was architrct of iraw and is now NSA.

”my intelligence said Iran is wonderful” – they do not. they simply say it is abiding by JCPOA.

trump – bleive wha I want. disbelieve wat I want

egrmany 1940s want to believability. ben Macintyre.

making up numbers.

saying he is smart , could have been top of military, mexico will pay for the wall. no global waring.