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Shapiro and anti Semitism==================================


jewish chronicle. one thing as bad as anti Semitism is making bogus accusations of it.

accused Obama of anti Semitism/ 2014 he said Obama was  borderline Jew hating admin

Obama was not Arab hating, muslim hating or Syrian hating for saying Assad should not kill civilians.

Obama asked for ‘restraint’

shapiro said that this was ”against people who kidnapped kids” i.e. all Palestinians.

”anti Israel admin”

Shapiro had a criminal case against Obama 4 years ago. what happened to that?

Obama cheered to the echo by AIPAC.  prevented iran getting nukes. followed Israeli line on Libya and Syria. voted for money for Israel.

iron dome paid for by the USA.

did not criticize Israel in hammering palesitne or illegal occuatopn. state visit. yad vashem

would an anti semite do all this?

anyone who does not do as Netanyahu wants is anti semitic!


Israeli crimes provoke the very anti Semitism that he claims to revile

shapiro’s false accusations cast a pall of doubt over everything else he says

shapiro wrote for breitbart a neo Nazi site

claimed a republican politician  chuck hagel went to even sponsored by friends of hamas. 2013

no such group exists in USA.

hamas sponsored by Israel. wall street journal 2009. yale university press book.

Yitzhak segev Israeli governor of gaza met sheikh Yassin several times and arranged for him to get hostpiral treatment in Israel.