Meghan narcissist================================


shocked when she was pregnant.

went to Ireland to tell politicians she was very pleased with result of abortion vote

abort royal baby.

not bad. no racial animus

first divorcee to be a first time bride. second oldest royal bride ever

contact with a psychiatrist

cannot diagnose from a distance

undiagnosed Narcissistic Personality, with a number of Borderline Personality traits

many foes in tinsel town

Hollywood can be catty. but you would think people would toady to her because she is a princess

If she had an actual Borderline Personality Disorder, it is most unlikely that she would have been able to hold down a job as a TV actor for seven years

she is focused and disciplined.

lack of confusion or complication

Meghan does share with those who suffer from a Borderline Personality Disorder, is an experience that everything going on around her has something to do with her. BP’s will frequently lash out at others for supposed hurtful things they’ve done, when in fact, there was no ill intent from the person being chastised

when she is out of the spotlight, she does display the erratic emotional states of the Borderline Personality Disorder. Her narcissism prevents her from doing this in public

As someone with a primarily Narcissistic Personality Disorder, she does not allow her fractured emotional state to prevent her from pursuing her goal to be centre of attention

Either via a genetic reason, or by circumstances in childhood (or a combination of the two)

Borderline Personality Disorders and Narcissistic Personality Disorders are often viewed as negative by the public.

If, like Meghan Markle, they are attractive and intelligent, they will use that

Meghan, they cut ties with the past very easily, they are not sentimental, they justify everything they do with the use of a string of psychobabble – phrases such as “Be your own person” “Start your dream – not someone else’s” “Make the most of every day and focus all through the hours you are awake

when Meghan ended her previous marriage by sending the rings back, her justification would be something along the lines of “Well, I was going to end the marriage. So what is there to talk about? It would be wasting his time, and my time and time is of the essence and I must now focus on moving forward” Similar inane comments

insensitive to ex husband.

adjusting to royal protocol

She has shown a similar kind of callousness to Her Majesty the Queen. Now, I am Meghan’s age, and I really couldn’t care less if she went to a public fashion awards night, dressed in a slinky dressed – complete with one shoulder missing, and glistening black nail varnish. Most people our age wouldn’t see this as anything particularly outlandish. However, most 92 year old wom

What gave Meghan the right to go out there on stage, cradling this “bump” (which is actually a living human being who happens to be the great grandchild of HM, and parade around on stage, cradling her bump as if she were the Madonna with the baby Jesus. I do not think it is a coincidence that Meghan went to a Catholic school at all. Catholicism is full of statures and images, and paintings of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus.

My point is that Meghan must have known how upsetting this public award’s night must have been for the Queen. HM has gone out of her way to welcome Meghan into the family, and Meghan doesn’t give two seconds of thought about HM. She probably thought “Oh the queen won’t like it but too bad”. It would not have registered that, not only would the Queen not like it, it would deeply hurt he.

royal family not Kardashians

When I looked at her on that stage, it was a face of someone in deep trouble.

It was the face of someone prepared to do whatever it takes to get attention. Meghan had a positively pathological look on her face,

and it almost made me question whether she’d done some cocaine before the event. It was behaviour that falls way outside the bounds of “normal”, especially given that she’s married into the royal family.

Having a baby is the one thing the overwhelming majority of fertile women can achieve, without having to learn much. Every baby is a blessing, but none of them deserve this kind of glorification; .

again, it’s a sign of how grandiose Meghan believes she is – in those moments, she saw herself as far more important than the Queen.

It was like someone staring at the audience with this never ending, never moving smile, in a static pose, set so that others can sit in awe of the incredible Meghan and her bump.

As far as Megan’s relationship with her family – well, Thomas has not been on his best behaviour some of the time. However, he did apologise for the staged photographs. Some people say he lied about his heart attack because the hospital he said he attended, had no record of him. It is much more likely that the hospital explained that they could not discuss whether or not a patient had been in their care for reasons of confidentiality. Whether or not he had a heart attack is also somewhat irrelevant. If he felt he had to go as far as inventing a heart attack, then it merely shows the level of desperation in the man.

He is American. He probably had no idea that the British royals could not air their political opinions. He is now using the media, because this is the only way he can get his message across.

At the very least, she should be giving him a very generous amount of money on a regular basis. Again, she just doesn’t care, because her daddy no longer fits the image she has of herself. If he was still working in Hollywood and winning Emmy awards, I’m sure Meghan would feel differently about him.

I am not stating that everything about Meghan is false. I’m not suggesting that she doesn’t think she loves Prince Harry. But she doesn’t. People with NPD do not actually know how to love another person. Harry and Meghan got caught up in a hormonal, intense, magical romance – tho kind that are usually experienced by adolescents. Most adults know that this state of bliss does not last forever, and give the relationship more time, in order to see if there is a deeper and enduring love. People should never get married in a state of intense infatuation.

As for Meghan’s confident walk down the aisle – Yes, she was poised and pulled off something that most women would find incredibly intimidating, without showing an ounce of nervousness. That is not normal and it has nothing to do with her being an actress. It is a smile that conceals an enormous amount of rage- rage that will come out if Meghan refuses to acknowledge that she is in need of professional help.








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  1. You have directly stolen most of what i wrote somewhere on the web. i recognise my own writing, but you’ve edited badly. Why on earth would someone claim to have written someone on word press that was not their own… I can only conclude that you’re some kind of narcissist yourself. Loser.

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