Daily Archives: January 4, 2019

Farewell Peter Murphy


Yesterday I bumped into Pam. I instantly recognized that kindly old woman. I had not seen her since 2004. She knew my face but needed help with my name. She told me her brother Peter died a few years ago. It did not affect me much at first. But reflecting on his death last night I felt sad. It was plangent news since he was such a delightful chap. In five years I never heard a bad word about him. He was hard working, courteous and easygoing. He was a simple minded, amiable and honourable chap. I call Woody saying of Peter ”He is a reasonable guy I think you will agree.”

It makes me consider my own mortality. Poor old Peter has been called to his reward. He was a chubby, hulking and slightly stooped figure with a mass of dark grey hair. He spoke is a slow bass voice due to years of smoking. He liked footer and I am not sure what else. He served in the Royal Iniskillings Fusiliers. He grew up in Carlisle and when he was in the army he was in Fermanagh and Kenya. I did not see him since 2004.