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THB this is India s century========================================



India population, prospoerty, language. mighty. nukes, army. aid, cultural reach. expat communities. space programmes.

free media, fair traisl, humane, democracy.

cricket. hosting commonwealth hgames. should host CHOGM and Olympics.

UN security council.

goodwill to neighbours. ally in Afghanistan.

trying to fix things with Pakistan. pipeline. talks over Kashmir.

trying to be good to china.

USA knows India is vital. Pak is less important now US is pulling out of Afghanistan.



India is polluting. cannot provide for pop. economic growth is unsustaitnable . needs more energy. over crowded. corruptiin is endemic. education is not to be trusted. moving to hinid not English. norther imperialism. suppresses national selef determisnion. abttles Naxalites.

china is better place to do bysiess. government there gets things done. authoritarian. low pop growth, decisive. strong and united.

manufatcruing moving to Africa.

india restrcing free expression. sedition. people gaoled for jokes. ugly hindu fanaticism.

sexism. burning brides. dowries. caste discrimination. anti muslim discrimination.

occupation of Kashmir. massive scale human rights abuses. claiming Chinese land. supporting terrorist attacks in Pakistan. endorsing corrupt drug dealing government in Afghanistan.

extoring money from UK in moral blackmail.



Irish Christmas===============================


24 c e. midmight mass.

25 c d. presents. santy. turkey.. pope’s . stuffing. gravy roast potatoes . brussel sprouts

white sauce. xmas pudding. burning brandy

26 dec. stephens day.

turkey. pork

wren boys.

6 January. women’s chirsmtas. little Xmas. epiphany.

12th night

THB Israel has a right to exist============================



Israel founded by UN. balfour declaration

safa haven for Jews. genocide. cultural space. not safe in the west

right to self determination.

Offered land to arabs. good to muslim citizens. human rgts. gays, women. democracy. ethical fihhting.

Judea and samaria not occupied. Israel attacked to that land – Israel retook. cf germany after second world.



Palestine has a right to exist. secure in her borders

there is no Israel/ the Zionist entity. al quds al arabi/.

Palestine distinct nation. tey wish to be Palestinian. sunni muslims mostly arabs. they do not wish to eb Egyptian or jordianian.

Palestine rekected UN plan. 2/3 of land for 1.3 people.

Israelis are also americans and Russians. share the language and faith of other.

Palestine occupied. balfour declarion a nullity. did not say independence.

UN vote was a super poer vote before national self determination.

al nakba. ethnic cleaning. deir Yassin. driven out. discrimination. racism. based on faith.

some shariat states also disctiminate. also reprehensible not the fault pf Palestinians

hamas promoted by Zionists.



Whale hunting===========================================


Jpana hunting

cetaceans hunted for centuries . oil, soap. blubber . sausages

modern hunting . harpoons

mid 20th century hunted to extinction

right whale.

1980s ban with some exemptins for science. kills eaten

jaoan. Norway. Iceland.

why not?


curelety/ intelligent. takes a long time to die.

we kill swine. higs are clever. detah not so crue;


jeopardized future of species

humne killing ok

so long as not wioed out