Auto bio of a thief. review============================================


bruce Reynolds. born 1931

engaging, entertaining. eloquent. never turgid. pace. thrilling. empathise with him. livelt dialgoeu.

character sketches. tales of derring do.

not true. clean up of farm. hitching ride with colonel types. dressed up like them. cavalry twills. Donegal tweeds. tunbull; and asser. congonscient. hareu  foreign lnaguges gets t wrong.

never dwells on anything too long

fantasy. brigand. soldier. uniforms. aristo.

1950s slang. mooning about.

no remorse. self pity.

extrinsically motivatred. status symbols.

we got to be with te cream

glen miller. cleent miller.

named his son nick. nominative determinism?


About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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