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Oman is a country in Asia. The country is located in a region called the Middle EAST. The country is beside the Arabian Sea and the Gulf. The climate is warm in winter and very hot in summer.

The neighbours of Oman are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Oman has an exclave at the end of a peninsula. It is only connected to the rest of the country by going through the UAE.

Most of the country is desert. There are steep mountains near the sea. There is little fertile land. Many people were nomads. They roamed the land on camels and with flocks. They sought water and fresh pasture.

In the 7th century AD Islam was brought to Oman. The Omanis are mostly Ibadis. This is a version of Islam that is neither Sunni nor Shia.

The country was divided into different tribes. Each had a chieftain. They raided each other for camels. This was considered gentlemanly. They used minimum violence in raids but people were sometimes killed. This was different from war when killing men was entirely acceptable.

The Omanis were often fishermen. They also sailed to India and to Africa to trade. They set up ports such as Zanzibar and Gwadar.

In the 17th century the Omanis came into contact with the British. They signed a treaty with the Britishers. This granted the Omanis protection. The British Army set up a base in Oman. Foreign affairs were handled by the United Kingdom.

In the 1960s the British decided to withdraw. The country became fully independent. Oman ceded Zanzibar and Gwadar.

Sultan Qaboos overthrew his father. Qaboos married years ago but had no children. He is a Gilbert and Sullivan fan. The sultan founded a music school. He is go ahead and declared that married women should work.

Qaboos has been terminally ill since 2015. He has written his will and put it in a safe. In this document he nominate his successor. Until then no one knows who will come next.

The capital city is Muscat.

The currency is the Omani Riyal.

Air Oman is the flag carrier.

The official language is Arabic.

This is a wealthy country. It has plenty of oil. The population is only 4 000 000. The wealth does not have to be shared with many people. There are many migrant workers from India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Kenya.

The Flag of Oman is red, white and green. There is a knife emblem on it.


  1. Which continent is Oman in?
  2. Which region is Asia is Oman in?
  3. Oman abuts onto which two seas?
  4. What is the language of this country?
  5. What is the currency?
  6. What is the capital city?
  7. What is the climate like?
  8.  Name the three neighbours of Oman. Three marks.
  9. Describe the landscape.
  10. What is the major religion in Oman?
  11. What European land handled foreign affairs for Oman?
  12. Name two overseas ports that Oman once ruled. Two marks.
  13. When did Oman regain her sovereign independence?
  14. Who is the Sultan of Oman?
  15. Why is this country prosperous?
  16. What activity is Qaboos enthusiastic about?
  17. Who will be the next sultan?
  18. Draw the flag. Five marks.
  19. Which countries have dispatched guest workers to Oman?
  20. What is the population?