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Muslim community UK ===============================================================


Been here since 1600s

Ottomans allies of England 1588.

1800 Indian restaurant

caliph had good relationship with the UK

sharia law was more humane than English law until 1820s.

muslims 4 % of ppu#

divers.e shia sunni. many ehtnjcities

reactionaires down to unbelievers.

concentrated in London , brum, manc and bradford

muslims in all professions

in police. NHS etc…

Muslims in all parties.

Muslim community growing.



British royal family ====================================================



von sonderburg gluckburg von schlesgi holstein

16 countries

house of wessex

related to most other families

armoural rank

45 generations

st james palace

Windsor, Buckingham, lanctesre house, Clarence house, Marlborough house, kensingotn palace, hillsborough

gatcombe park , Sandringham, Highgrove. balmoral.


A dream of Nigar


I bedreamt me of the Norwegian. She is now 19. Not seen her in years. In this revery she was a baker’s dozen and two.

There were also Ruskies in my dream. I am not sure what I said to these males but they seemed menacing types with cheap black leather jackets, thick necks and chunky jewellery.