Daily Archives: July 9, 2018

Bojo and D Davis =============================================


both unhappy for some time

bo jo bried against T May

too weak to sakc him. narrow majority

Boris is an egotist. calculation, breaks word

# free to oppose heathrow.

davis – more principle

resigned ten years ago over detention without tiral

positiong for leadrrship?. Bo jo elss popular than before. not Brexit enough. weak on heathtow. too serious. too old. disunity

better iff without them.

last huarrag for pale male and stale

dominic raab. brexiteer. good choice.

may’s red lines blurred.

Crowder =====================================


thinking man’s shapiro

high octane. fun

shapiro is square. nevr wore jeans. ahd a drink. told a joke.

crowder was a stand up comedia. performance art

consistent wordl view

claims local govt is not socialism. claims military is not socialist.

people make better decision than govt. who makes govt. bureaurcrats in washtingotn

he is a constitutionalist. some constitutuons are socialist.

business will make profiot more than ebenfot the public.

business not always sefficient. tonnes of clothes wasted

competiton doe snot work on roads and railways.

maing people want more. multipluing wants. competing for ostentation

he is a chistian. man with 2 shirt sgive one to the man with none.

gleaners. charity. why be generous?

flaws with socialism. can be inefficient. US mail is slow.

private railways too cosrly in UK

if be is constitutionLIAT why keep Guantanamo bay open? deny a fair trial

supreme court allows it. they mayc hange their mind. they were wrong on slaver anf gay marriage.