Daily Archives: July 8, 2018

N Korea deal falling apart already =============================================


Trump backing out on deal . saying it might fail.

so capricious.

Trump was fooled

N Korea expanding nuclear base.

no timeline, no verification. no steps. so N Koreas can say they are not breaking it

China trading more?

what a chump trump is.

idiot. very low IQ individual.

trust kim. #

PRAISED Kim as a good leader. loved by his people. cruel tyrant. political prsioners. millions straved to death. trump likes this govt more than Trudeau.

over protestation. if he is good at deals why say it

art of the deal. tore up TPP,   WTO, NAFTA,  NATO frayed.

another failure

Kim does not trust trump. trump lies so much breaks so many deals.



Why women earn less than men



maternity. PMT. Menopause.

professions. finance

teaching. nursing

women less motivated by money and points. less competitive

women more honest, social.

if you want more money then go into higher paid jobs

dangerous jobs. unemployment. die younger. suicide . prison. false accusations of harassment and rape

women attracted by money. way to heart through jewellery shop. gold diggers. men marry women the same level of wealth or poorer

men earn lots to get women.

men pay for dates, engafement rings etc….