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Lithuania is a country in Europe. This nation is situated in the north-east of the continent. It is mild in summer and cold in winter. Lithuania is mostly flat and wooded. It is located beside the Baltic Sea. The neighbours of this country are Latvia, Russia and Poland.

At times Lithuania was independent. It was a pagan country until the Middle Ages. Lithuania was a commonwealth united with Poland in the late Middle Ages. Jagellonia was the Duchess of Lithuania. She wed the King of Poland.

The Russian Empire absorbed Lithuania in the 18th century. In the First World War the German Army took Lithuania. Lithuania then became independent. In 1940 Lithuania became part of the Soviet Union. Lithuania left the USSR in 1991.

The population of Lithuania is about 3 000 000. There is a significant Russian minority.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This city has a well preserved historic centre. It is popular with stag groups. A river runs through it.

The Flag of Lithuania is a tricolour. The horizontal lines are yellow, green and red. That is top to bottom.

Lithuania is a member of NATO and the European Union. The currency is the Lit. This country is due to scrap its currency and adopt the Euro as its currency.


  1. Which continent is Lithuania in?
  2. Name three neighbours of this country. Three marks.
  3. What sea is Lithuania beside?
  4. Which country was Lithuania part of a Commonwealth with?
  5. Which enormous empire absorbed Lithuania?
  6. What is the climate like?
  7. Name the capital of the nation.
  8. What is the currency.
  9. Draw the flag of Lithuania.
  10. In which year did the country most recently become independent?



keep the Charlottesville statute =============


robert e lee. he opposed memorialisation. we do not respect his views – he wanted to keep slavery

I am not white supremacist

at was confederacy.

like Hirohito in pearl harbour

like bin laden at new york world trade centre

history art

not terrible to remove statue

balance statue with signs about evil of slavery

heritage is not always good

because my ancestor did something does not make it good

probably no statues on bicentenary of confederacy

other president were slave holders.

#people centuries ago did things we consider wicked.