Latvia is a country in Europe. This nation is located in the east of the continent. It is adjacent to the Baltic Sea. This country borders Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. This country has a cool climate. Most of the country is pine forest.

The transport network is good in terms of roads. The railway system is behind the times.

This country has sometimes been independent. At other times it has been part of the Russian Empire. This nation was sometimes pagan. It became Christian in the Middle Ages.

In 1918 Latvia became independent. In 1940 it rejoined the Soviet Union. Many Latvian politicians and intellectuals were sent to labour camps in Siberia. Not many ever returned.

In 1941 Latvia was invaded by Germany. The Latvian Jewish community was killed in huge numbers. In 1944 the Soviet Union retook Latvia.

In 1991 Latvia proclaimed her independence. There is a significant Russian minority.

The Latvian Flag is dark purple and white. The top and bottom horizontal bars are dark purple.

The currency of the country is the Lat. Latvia is part of the European Union. She is also in NATO.

#The official language of Latvia is Latvian. The capital is Riga. It is on the sea.

Latvia is a high income country. It has a very well preserved mediaeval centre. Wagner was head of the opera house.


  1. In which continent is Latvia in?
  2. What are the three neighbours of this country? Three marks.
  3. Draw the flag. Two marks.
  4. Which empire was Latvia part of?
  5. In which year did Latvia become independent in the early 20th century?
  6. When did Latvia become independent most recently?
  7. What is the currency of Latvia?
  8. Is Latvia in NATO?
  9. What is the large ethnic minority in this country?
  10. Which sea is this land by?

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