Is it a crime to ask questions about an accusation?


Is it?













About Calers

Born Belfast 1971. I read history at Edinburgh. I did a Master's at UCL. I have semi-libertarian right wing opinions. I am married with a daughter and a son. I am allergic to cats. I am the falling hope of the not so stern and somewhat bending Tories. I am a legal beagle rather than and eagle. Big up the Commonwealth of Nations.

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  1. Your a fucking knob. This man is helping children being molested by people in positions of authority.
    I hope you rot in your own faeces you fucking twat.
    I hope you go to jail and meet Jerome and his 20 gay, sex starved rapist friends.
    They won’t make your day, but they will certainly make your hole weak.
    Dick head

  2. Hey George Callaghan – John Findlay here. Why don’t you stop hiding behind any little bullshit claims you might have so the police can arrest you. You have been reported to them for your comments. You will be arrested and you shall be punished and forced to apologise. You call me daft, yet I have an LLB and 3 post-grads from Harvard Law. NOT the right guy to pick a fight with you little cunt. You WILL suffer for this post and I will enjoy watching you cry.

    • Thanks for all the hits on the blog. I am very impressed by your academic credentials. Clearly I have underestimated you. Which degrees do you have from Harvard Law? LLM and PhD? Which years were you there?

      Which crime do you allege has been committed?

      • George, you have been reported to the police and I have instructed them to press charges to the full extent of the law. The internet does not provide you with impunity to write such drivel. I shall also be suing you in Civil Court for libellous defamation. You are seriously a disgrace. Deleting your post won’t save you as I have clearly made a copy and obviously I now also have dozens of witnesses to back me up. Tosser.

      • You sent this message to many people. If it was defamation why send it on? What crime do you allege has been committed? Please answer my questions about your three degrees from Harvard Law School.

      • At a complete minimum causing undue stress and alarm is a criminal offence. Especially when the victim of the crime and the reason behind it is such as yours. I made sure that your post was made public amongst our peers at school to ensure that your get outed for the pathetic little creature that you are. You were, and clearly remain, one of the loneliest creatures on the planet. I am delighted by your ignorance and you have my most solemn promise that you will suffer because of this. Not that I am under any obligation to justify myself to you, I did three courses with Harvard Law, all of which I completed and passed. Obviously, NOT three degrees. I have never claimed to have three degrees. Again, your twisted mind distorting fact. In the initial article when I waived my anonymity of being abused, the legal team from The Guardian newspaper had to verify every tiny detail to ensure everything was accurate, and there was evidence to substantiate it, prior to publication. The BBC do the same. There is no room for any level of ambiguity as this itself could lead to a claim of liable from Gordonstoun – not something that any journalist or media publication would be stupid enough to risk in the slightest… Unlike you!

      • As I wrote, this crime might have taken place. I do not know. Only you know that. I argued about other issues.

        If this article caused you distress it is hard to understand why you would keep commenting on it and sending it to others. Best thing for you to do it forget it then rather than relive the trauma.

      • You have called me a pathological liar, and a stupid one. Published an article that is completely unhinged, untrue and you have absolutely zero evidence to substantiate any of your ridiculous claims. As the author, and I use that word in the most liberal possible sense, you are the one with the onus and burden of proof to substantiate yourself. I will keep commenting on it if I see fit as I believe that pestilent creatures such as yourself should be wiped from the face of the earth and brought to face consequences for their actions and as I have promised you, you most certainly shall be.

      • …and for the record: Buckingham University is not simply a place where kids of rich people go. I graduated with a full LLB (Hons) in two years as a dual scholarship student. Not very intelligent for someone apparently in the education industry to slate a University off. I chose Buckingham as I didn’t want to hang around and wanted the qualification, not waste my time on a student lifestyle. My father never had any involvement with the Press & Journal, or any other media company on any professional level. My abuse was reported to the police and the school at the time. I never have mentioned being given a drink that was drugged, however, another victim of Jones’s was drugged that way so you are likely confusing the two. I’ve made a difference to people and an impact on the world to the extent of have the law changed. What have you ever done or accomplished with you life? Written, again I use the term lightly, a blog?! WOW – your parents must be so exceptionally proud of you. I’m sure you must have a world of people who adore to spend time in your company and bask in your sheer brilliance.

      • …and YES is it a criminal offence to publicise details of a sexual offence against a minor during ongoing legal action that have not previously been made public without the express consent of the victim

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