Daily Archives: December 13, 2017

A ream of royalty


Pater and mater called me close to midnight. Chatted to them. That is real.

I dreamt I was walking around with the Prince of Wales and my pater behind me. tHEY conversed. Pater praised me to the moon.

Later there wa s aphotocall. His Royal Highness posed for snaps with his grandchild. Do not recall hcih one. There was another duke of the blood royal with them. He was a very tall man supposed to be the DUke of Gloucester. This man did not resemble the real duke of Glocter . was too tall. ooked like that chap from Chariots of fire who plays lord somebody. It was on s sward perhaps being Buck Hose.

what can it represent ? getting oN WELL WITH parents. They areelated that I am in clover.