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What do I sing when pondering spending Yuletide with my kin?


I am dreaming of a shite Christmas.





Zambia is a country in Africa. Zambia derives its name from the River Zambesi that flows through it. Note that the name of the rover is pronounced ”zam BEZ ee” and not ”zam BEE zee” as some say.

99 per cent of Zambians are black. The are mostly Bantu people and speak Bantu languages such as Lozzi and Bemba. The Bantu peoples lived there for millennia.

In the 1890s the British arrived in Zambia. They named the country Northern Rhodesia. This was because of the British businessman and politician Cecil Rhodes. Southern Rhodesia was what is now named Zimbabwe.

#The white immigrants dominated Zambia. Some Indians moved in too. Zambia is rich in metals such as copper. A white man who become Prime Minister of Zambia was Sir Godfrey Huggins. He said ”we have a racial partnership here. It is a partnership of rider and horse. ” Despite his racialist views he was not an ignoramus – he was a surgeon.

After the Second World War black Zambians began to agitate for greater involvement in the decision-making process. Zambia was briefly united with Zimbabwe and Malawi in the Central African Federation. However, this did not last.

Kenneth Kaunda was the leader of the United National Independence Party (UNIP). Kaunda demanded independence. In 1964 his wish was granted. Zambia became a republic within the Commonwealth. Kaunda was a socialist and his country was run on socialist lines.

In the 1970s there was a conflict in Zimbabwe which borders Zambia to the south. Zambia took the side of the black nationalists ZAPU and allowed them to base themselves in Zambia. ZAPU’s armed wing ZANLA used Zambia as a jumping off point for raids into Zimbabwe. UNIP made Zambia a one party state.

In the late 80s the Zambian economy hit a bad patch. Prices rocketed. Massive protest compelled Kaunda to stand down as president. He was succeeded by Frederick Chiluba. After him came Levy Mwanawasa. Mwanawasa led the Movement for Multiparty Democracy.

In 2014 Guy Scott became president. President Scott  is white. He was born to British parents in Zambia. He met George W Bush several years before he was introduced to Bush as the Vice President of Zambia. Bush assumed people were joking.
In recent years many Chinese people have moved in.

The official language is English.

The capital city is Lusaka. The country borders Malawi, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. Zambia has no coastline.

The national anthem is ”Stand and sing of Zambia proud and free”. It is to the tune of Nkosi Sikelele Afrika.
The flag has the Africa national colours – green, red, black and orange as well as an eagle.
The currency is the Kwacha.
Ndola is the second city.
1. What was the old name of Zambia
2. What is the majority race here?
3. When did the British arrive there?
4. What geographical feature lends its name to this nation?
5. Which country is adjacent to Zambia to the south?
6. Who was the founding president of Zambia?
7. Who was Sir Godfrey Huggins?
8. Which other two countries comprised the Central African Federation?
9. What is unusual about President Guy Scott?
10. Name a Bantu language of this country.
11. Is Zambia land locked?
12. What is the name of the capital?
13. What is the money called?
14.  What are the colours of the flag?  Four marks.
15. What is the symbol on the flag?
16. Name two neighbours of this country. Two marks.
17. What is the national language?
18. Name two Asian ethnicities in Zambia. Two marks.
19. What is the climate like in this country?

Yemen ========================================



This is a country in the Middle East.

Yemen is bounded by Saudi Arabia to the north and the Arabian Sea to the south. The Red Sea lies to the west and Oman lies to the east.

Yemen is mountainous but there is desert too. There is oil but it is not an affluent nation.

Yemen is an Arabic speaking country. The people of Yemen are Muslims without exception. There was Jewish community there but they departed for Israel in the 1970s. Most Yemenis are Sunnis but a few are Shias.
The capital city of Yemen in Sana’a. The second city is Aden which is a port.

The British ruled South Yemen for 150 years. They based themselves in the port of Aden. They did not concern themselves with what happened much beyond the city. They called the land South Arabia.

North Yemen has been an Ottoman territory until 1918. Thereafter it was an independent polity.

The Britishers withdrew in 1968. There has been an insurgency for four years. In 1964 the UK announced its intention to pull out in five years. This was completed a little ahead of schedule.

South Yemen and North Yemen remained separate. South Yemen has a communist system. North Yemen was a traditional Islamic state. Despite the names North and South one country was more to the west (North Yemen) and the other was more to the east (South Yemen).

The people of Yemen are divided into tribes. There was a lot of fighting. Finally, in 1995 they united.

In 2014 a civil war broke out in Yemen. The Houthis (Shias) rebelled. They were assisted by the Iranians who are also Shia. The Saudi Arabians (Sunnis) helped the Yemeni Government.

1. What is the capital city of Yemen?
2. What is the language of Yemen?
3. What is the religion of the Yemenis?
4. What is the name of the main port of this land?
5. What country border Yemen to the north?
6. What sea is south of Yemen?
7. Which European country ruled some of Yemen for 150 years?
8. What did the British called South Yemen?
9. What was the ideology of South Yemen after 1968?
10. What was the system of North Yemen?