Daily Archives: December 8, 2017

Universal healthcare =========


It is a right according to U D H R and many other instruments

right to life ineffectual without healthcare.

e;ergency care

low paid cannot afford healthcare. society needs people to do badly paid jobs.

soon robots will take over.

cuba versus USA

how to afford. tax billionaires.

Bernie sanders suggestion of financial transaction tax.

inefficiency of prvate helth. dr stein on counting bandages/

private health insurance prefers nt to pay. car denied

proft motive v care.




PUBLIC health not government healthcare.




A dream of journeys and war games


I have been dreaming of travelling to and fro for the past few days.

yesternight I dreamt of being in war games – wearing agreen camouflage unfirm and helmet complet wht a net over the face to break up the shape. The thes men wer similarly accoutred. WAS ON Princ Harry? She mention him a bit soon at Turandot etc…

One of the sldiers was oriental. supposed to be keni styles I suppose since I read of him yesterday. crawling up and down a valley as part of the game but no firing.

later I dreamt of people speaking abut Zimbabwe and the name f the capital changing and looking at lists of distrcits.