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Certificate of graduation


Certifcate of

certificate of graduation
Mr / Miss Neagu
Personal identity code number….
Born in 1979 in the month: March. Day: 3
Locality; Bucharest
County or Borough; Sector 4 of Bucharest
son or daughter of; Gheorghe
and ; Mirtica
took part in a programme between these dates; …..
the advanced programme took 720 hours
for the occupation of ; tourist activities manager
code number….
organised by CODES research and development
With its headquarters in the locality of Bucharest
in the county of Bucharest
who matriculated in the national register of those with professional training for adults
graduate number…..
on date …..
passed the graduate exam on year … month…. day …
with 9.63 marks
This certificate is issued in accordance with the provisions of regulation number General Order …. of the Republic of Romania and is accompanied by a supplementary description of the certificate.

director (signature) secretary (signature)          president (signature)
date of issue….


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