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Diana, Princess of Wales was not a saint.


It  high time that is woman was decanonised. She was born into a very wealthy aristocratic family. Her parents broke up when she was a child. Apart from that her life in a huge estate with ponies and a swimming pool was as idyllic as can be imagined. She was not blessed with brains but was widely considered to be good looking. She was cursed with morbid self pity.

Aged 30 something Prince Charles was casting around for a credible bride. He was more or less commanded to wed by his mother. His Royal Highness will have felt a sense of duty quite apart from  being ordered to do so.  Personal feelings had to come second. A posh Protestant, presumable virgin airhead who was fond of children would appear to tick all the right boxes.

Lady Diana Spencer found gainful employment at a pukka nursery in London aged 17. Her vapidity made her seem a most unthreatening prospect as a royal bride. Lady Diana looked decent and had no discernible opinions on anything. A presentable mute would do very nicely thank you. It appeared that she could be easily controlled.

The royal family have done charity work for centuries. This ‘work’ consists of attending gala dinners. They urge their subjects to stump up. Very seldom does a princeling put his hand in his pocket.

Once Diana became a princess she too attended many charity events. Occasionally she even said a few sentences! It was her job to make appearances; she was paid millions to do it. That is the role of a prince or princess.

Diana was decently turned out for press events. Most women would be delighted to have such a wardrobe. She could spent all morning with her personal trainer. She could spent a fortune on clothes and beauty treatments. It is unsurprising that she looked respectable. This does not make her a high achiever.

Her Royal Highness is often held up as a superb mother. She seems to have been a satisfactory mother. On her tapes she bragged about hugging her children. Which mother does not do that? She appeared to believe that her conduct was extraordinarily virtuous. It was not difficult to be a decent mother. She did not have any financial headaches. She did not work. I doubt she had to scrub behind the U bend. The princess had nannies to do the tedious work. She only had to do the pleasant aspects of mothering.

Princess Diana did not actually do anything for the needy. Yes, she met them and went to events where funds were raised. This was her job. She then accepted the most lavish encomia to her as no more than her due. When did she ever donate a penny of her fortune to the poor.

Attending official functions was her task. She performed this satisfactorily. But for doing what royals have always done she believed that she was doing Trojan work. This woman was very unintelligent. Being dim is no vice. Not only was she lacking in scholarly attributes but also in logic and emotional intelligence. She surrounded herself with groupies. The luvvies whom she liked told her that she was extraordinary and that she had suffered grievously. Diana was rash enough to believe this. The Prince of Wales is sagacious enough to keep his feet on the ground. He has said that all this praise and defence is unwarranted by him personally.

The Princess Royal and others undertook similar functions. They were not lauded to the skies for it. The royal family was a little starchy. Being royal is about being highly dignified and traditional. This decorum was a bit much. Diana broke with convention to kiss men on the cheek. She spoke warmly to people and she touched AIDS victims. She was a breath of fresh air as everyone said. These were tiny gestures and they attracted intense media curiosity.  None of this required her to do anything remotely difficult.

Princess Diana jetted around the world. She had millions to spend. She had several paramours from James Hewitt to Will Carling to Hasrat Khan to Dodi Fayad. A saint she was not. There is nothing wrong with a woman enjoying herself to the max. Do not imagine that she suffered.

The Princess of Wales had a failed marriage. About half the people in the world suffer that. Her marriage effectively lasted about ten years. After that they were separated.

Her Royal Highness met children who had had their limbs blown off by landmines. She mer children born with AIDS. Who did she feel sorry for? Herself! One would have thought that meeting people going through such agony would have given her pause for thought. But none of this made her put her own woes in perspective.

Had she been working class she would have been seen for what she was. She was an educational failure, a teenage bride, someone who worked for two years in her life, an image obsessed egotist with a nauseating sense of entitlement; she milked the benefits system to the limit. She was not a wicked person but she was no paragon of virtue either. She should not be held up as a role model.

A dream of Theresa May


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then I zqs zith Theresq Lay/ she zqs not on q trqin/ I sat arund q tqble zith her qnd aeveral others/ It zas a tranuil at$osphere/ it zas aalost a cabient leeting but not lany peop:e zere htere: she zas paicd an frlectivr: i asked her a fez auestion not pointe dones: it as z thoygh I zas a hournalsit: she looked at $e and ansered blanly: her anzer zere cirusetc that is her style she zas unshozy as usual

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, May zent into another roo$ zith a xo$am fr a photo schoot in the bvath:* seeed biwraee: she zould be photographyed nude: she doe snot turn $e on* have thought of zo$en heaidn tozards sixty: could id esir eoen