Daily Archives: July 29, 2017

Trump administration is in a flat spin.


Trump lurches from one defeat to another outburst. His proposal to deprive people of healthcare was defeated by the valiant efforts of McCain. Trump has hinted that he will dismiss Jeff Sessions his Attorney General. A year ago Sessions was one of the few Republican politicians to be an outspoken supporter of Trump. Astonishingly, Trump has turned on his stalwart ally.

Sessions recused himself from the investigation into alleged collaboration between the Trump campaign and the Russian Federation. This was the only proper thing to do. Trump is irate that his Attorney -General is acting ethically and legally. Trump sees Sessions as HIS man. Trump believes that loyalty is personal not national and certainly not constitutional.

Why is Trump petrified of this investigation? What does he know will be sound? There is no proof positive that Donald Trump Junior and Jared Kushner knowingly met Russian officials with a view to seeking their help in the election. These men believed that Moscow had damaging information on Hillary.

Trump sacked his caustic media chief Sean Spicer. The attack dog made a fool of himself too many times. His self-pity and flagrant mendacity was entirely in keeping with Trump’s own routine dishonesty and egomania. Scaramucci seems to be a likeable lightweight. He had made fundamental errors in mouthing off in vulgar terms about his colleagues to journalists and then expecting the journalists not to do their job.

There is constant chaos in the White House. To date Trump has been a failure in his own terms. Please God this will put off many of his supporters. The Democrats have a good chance in the mid terms.


Prince Philip is unique


He is the first man born senile.

Others are born such that their chronological age eventually catches up with their mental age.

*Mr Argent’s bride is eight years older than him. But Argent is thirty years older than himself.