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Kazan is a city in Russia. This city is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The city sits astride the mighty River Volga. The Volga is the longest city in Russia and indeed in Europe.

Kazan has a population of well over a million. About half the people are ethnic Russians and half the people are Tatar. There are several other ethnic groups in Kazan. There are Kalmyks and Azerbaijanis.

Kazan means ‘cauldron’ and there is a model of  a gigantic cauldron by the River Volga.

Half the people in Kazan are Muslim and half are Christian. The city has some large mosques and a cathedral as well as several churches.

This city has some superb hotels. The best of them is Hotel Luciano. There are also outstanding restaurants.

Lenin went to university here. Kazan State University is renowned as one of the most eminent universities in Russia.