Daily Archives: July 12, 2017

A dream of a bawdy house


I as in an Essex town.  I walkzd alng the street. It was middling weather; The houses were two storeys higg and fashioned from red brick: looked more like South Oxhey.

I used some gudie such as by George Mc Coy. I found a house and there as an orgy in progress. These were ladies of the night. Not thamanye people there; Th wolen were not that desirebke; i was keen to join inthe fun; Before I could get stuck in the old bill turne dup and peopled wer enicked:; But no crime was being committed/. Why the frustation? I seldom get to do it in these reveries; I shall not hire sevrices again ahev otf ro some tirle: Is there a nigglign worry at the back of muy mind that I recall such episodes ta all?