Daily Archives: July 11, 2017

Trump’s ties to Russia.


It can be completely honourable for an American politician to meet Russian officials, jouranlists , business executives and the like. If such meetings are innocent a candidate would have no hesitation in telling the truth about such meetings.

Over and again the Trump camp has denied having any contact with Russian state bodies or semi-state bodies. Time and again such claims have been proven bogus. Why does the Trump team feel compelled to deceive the public? What have they to hide?

There is a very clear pattern of behaviour. Moreover, Trump seemed favourably disposed towards the Kremlin which Hillary Clinton did not. Why would the Russian Federation not wish to assist Trump? It is a matter of public records that the United States has interfered in foreign elections on many occasions.

There was a meeting between Donald Trump, Junior and a Russian official at which dirt on Mrs Rodham Clinton. It is common practice for politicians to seek embarrassing material on their opponents.  It has long been alleged that Russians sought to help the Trump campaign in this manner. Now there is proof that such assistance was offered and accepted. How much smokier does a gun have to get?

Why should anyone trust Trump? He is staggering dishonest. He has told countless provable lies.


The Green Lady



There was a school in Scotland called Wester Elchies. It used to be a house and the house was built hundreds of years ago.

Wester Elchies is said to be haunted by the Green Lady. This ghost walks the corridors at night. There are wooden floorboards that creak. The walls make strange sounds. The wind sighs in the middle of the night.

The Green Lady is tall and slender. She wears a long green cloak. Her face is thin and drawn. She wears a sad expression on her face. The Green Lady carries a book and she points to the spine of the book. On the spine of the book there is a letter E which stands for education.

Why does the Green Lady haunt the school? Some people say that she dislikes children. Maybe there was a tragedy in her life.

There are said to be tunnels from under the school to an obelisk in the grounds.