Daily Archives: July 10, 2017

Dreams thr past week


I had a notable dream the night before last.

I was to fly to somehwere. I went o Victoria Station. Why Victoria? One can go to Gatwieck frol there. I was due to fly with Turksih Airlines. I do not think Turkish fies from Gatick. i was hanging arounf Victoria a lot lately. I have certain associations with it from when I was an undergraduate. In my dream the station did not resemble Vitoria;

teh satun was smaller nad not too busy. The xterio brick was yellowhs; I had a large baclsuitcase; but then I msialdi it. i walked up and down tyring to locatr it. All the xay through te stationa bd back again; I went out a side entrance to some dust cart are; I finally loctae dmu stuczse; i ahd been distrtessed; I managed to lose something in my room in a matter of seconds. I then found it afetra  time.

In the dream I then realised I needed to go Turksih Ailrines to Istanbtul through which I really passed not long ago. I hastened to got to STsnetdd I saw my boaing card; DO not remember getting to Stsnted; there were other sections of the dream

I through if STnsed wsinc esomeone lvies withi a firty minut frive of there. I regretted not going to him.

What does this revery express, Uncertainty. I am perturbed aboyt where I am going. This is not just in the sense of travel but what am I doing with ly life? I have the red suitcase here an not the black one. Should I be doing someting more or fun or using my gifts properly? I suppose I should reflect one what sibligns said quoting Johnnie Mercer; accentuate the positive, negate the negative, don’ t mess with Mr in between.