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The anniversary Bernard Manning.


It s ten years since Bernard Manning was called to his reward. Surely it is time to honour the memory of the legend that was Bernard Manning. In view of his charity work surely sainthood is in order.


Great line for a comic duo in panto


One character has a catchphrase “I hate repeating myself.”

The other one has a runing gag around “you can say that again”.

After this is worked on a few times in the script in one scene these two finally meet one says “I hate repeating myself.”

The other remarks “You can say that again”

  • which obliges the first to say “I hate repeating…” and it goes around in circles. Not figure out an ending.

The stupidity and unfairness of Trump’s travel ban.


Trump’s travel  ban is coming into force. People from several Muslim countries have been prohibited from entering the United States for 90 days.

Trump has been in office for about 160 days. Now this travel ban is finally taking effect. Has the USA suffered at all in those 160 days from not having this ban? Not one iota. The United States has managed just fine without it. If this ban is so vital why is it for only 90 days?

President Trump is making some exceptions. This is a small acknowledgement of human decency. Therefore this is a very big step for Trump. Close relatives of American citizens shall be permitted to enter the USA even if they are from these forbidden countries. It begs the question; what if a relative of an American Citizen carries out an Attack? If these countries are so incredibly perilous why make any exemptions at all?

This rule is daft and unworkable. Trump has shown himself to be z coward and he appeals to fear/ He is stoking anti Muslim bigotry. Muslim tourists and students will take their busines elsewhere.

In the time that D J Trump has been in the office hundreds of Americans have been murdered. almost all by fellow Americans. Most slayings were carried out with firearms but he has done Nothing with gun control. He does not have the mettle to take on the gun nuts.

Millions of Americans die needlessly due to lack of decent medical care. Trump is adamant that the USA should increase the number of those without medical insurance.

Indian becomes PM of Ireland.


A man of Indian origin has become Prime Minister of Ireland. Dr Leo Varadkar became Taoiseach (Prime Minister) a  fortnight ago. Varadkar was born in Ireland to an Indian father an Irish mother.

Dr Varadkar is the first person of Indian ancestry to become leader of a European country. Those of Indian stock have been the premiers of other non Indian nations such as Trinidad, Fiji and so forth.

Is this the start of the Indianisation of Europe.

Leo Varadkar attended an elite school and then Trinity which is Ireland’s top university. He qualified as a physician before entering public life.

Varadkar is a self acknowledged homosexualist. He lives with his boyfriend who is also a medical man. The good doctor publicly announced his orientation a few years ago but says that it is not especially important.

Many Mumbaikers celebrated one of their own ascending to the second highest office in Ireland. The highest office is president. But would these people all be so enthused to see a gay person become Prime Minister of Bharat? Methinks not. The late Bal Thackeray of unhappy and inglorious memory would have had some stern words for it. Gay men are denounced as bum bandits in India. They are still criminalised. Many in Bharat says that homosexuality is Something that only Pakistanis do that.

Leo is only 38 years Young. He served as Minister of Health for several years. The economy is doing well. There are no major problems on the horizon. Brexit looks like it will be handled smoothly so as not to cause ructions along the Irish frontier. There is an election in the offing. There is every chance that Varadkar’s Fine Gael Party (Irish Family) will be returned to office. It is highly possible that the parliamentary arithmetic will compel them to speak allies in order to command a majority in Dail Eireann (the lower chamber of the Irish ¨Parliament). If Leo is astute he will call an election imminently while his honeymoon lasts.His party has so far obstinately refused to contemplate sharing office with the far left ultra nationalist populists of Sinn Fein. However, it may be high time to discontinue this Policy of keeping Sinn Fein out in the cold.

Now that Dr Varadkar is the Head of Government in the Republic of Ireland will India forgive Ireland for the death of Savita Halappnavar?

The Stardust Fire.




Stardust was a well known Dublin nightclub. Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. In 1981 many people went to Stardust to socialise in the evening. Stardust had bars in the Windows to stop people from climbing in. People had to pay to get in. They would then pay to buy drinks. The people listened to music and danced. The sofas were torn. The sofas were filled with foam which burns very well.

Many people were in Stardust one evening in 1981. Someone lit a cigarette with a match and dropped a lighted match. The match touched the foam Inside the sofa because the surface of the sofa had been ripped.

A fire started in the sofa. The fire was noticed by a security man (called a bouncer). The bouncer went to get a fire extinguisher. He also told the Disc Jockey who was playing music on loud speakers. The DJ made an announcement. “There is a small fire but it is Nothing to worry about. Stay calm. We will put out the fire.”

The bouncer came back to the area with the fire. It was only two minutes after the fire had broken out. The fire was ablaze. The bouncer was horrified by how rapidly the fire had spread. There was carpet all up the walls. The carpet on the wall had caught fire.

The carpet fell onto other sofas and spread the fire. The heat became intense. People noticed the fire. They screamed and headed for the exit. There was only one small door. There were hundreds of people. They could not fit through the door at once.

There was pandaemonium. The lights went out. Many people had drunk alcohola nd they were malco-ordinated. They began to fall over furniture as they rushed for the door. Some people fell over those who had already Fallen to the floor. There was a crush. Smoke filled the room and people began spluttering.

  • The heat was so high that people’s clothes caught fire and even their hair.* People fought to get out the door.* The fire brigade had been called and so had the police.
  • * The firemen strove to quench the blaze with their hoses. They also went into rescue people. But the firefighters were too late in many cases. 48 people died and about 200 were injured .
  • ===========
  • 1. What was Stardust?


2. In which year was the Stardust Fire?


3. What did people do in the nightclub?


4. How did the fire start?


5. Why did the fire spread so fast?


6. What did the DJ say about the fire at first?


7. Were the fire brigade called?


8; Why did people not climb out the Windows?


9. How many people died in this accident?


10. How can we improve fire safety based on this incident?