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There was a bestial Attack on Muslims in the United Kingdom.


A man drove his car into a crowd of people outside a msoqur after Iftar. Should the non- Muslim community ask itself some hard questions? if a Muslim commits such an act se blame the enitre community. When a non – Muslim does the same this principle does not seem to apply; Double standards perhaps?


A dream of an elephant.


I saw Bright Faith walk down the steps carrying a red bicycle; There was anothe rbike on the steps of a grey concret tower block; He fell over t and cut his ken knee; He had to go for a shower to wash off the grit: He wore shorts in thr shower. Saw virile and it seemed that a procedure had gone wrong on it.

Later  was with mother; Wer were late for somwher enot sure where we were headed; Perhaps late owing to me mookng after Bright Faoth: He used tos tay around here

Nodsy car and I hired an elepahnt to take us. Nods often makes me late; Thinking of ehr a lot as she is poorly; Fear she could die imminently and I want her to commit the family lore to pwper; It did not seem ofd to be aon a paccidderm; I forgot to ask the pirce before boaridng: Not sure where we were; not a hot land: I then asked the pruce; was 170:; what crrneyc I know not: I was aksing abouyt hotle romms in real life yestenight

came to pay; forked over the cash; Gor change the Indian woman who was a mahout gave me ovpcuhers for ree elepahnts ide:s she wore thick galsse and  apink sari: she was liddle ahed; have sel Indian ehre

later I met Vicki Tomlinson on the street at random; I aild her; she came over and was elate to make my acquaiantcne again; she snogged le ther eon the stret; she sore a gfaletting balc skirt and blisue: she invite de to her palc rot bang her; I was very eager to obglie