Daily Archives: May 29, 2017

A dream of a rope bridge


i was in some other coutry by the sea: ther were white buldings around a bit like sharjag but ti was not ghasrtly

there were ealeir épisodes to the dream ahixhc I cannot now recollect

then I was with ,y sedonc hdild: I do not have one; this was a boy aged aboyt 4; I wndered f =e he was rally mine: this is eprhaps because yesternight I reminsiced aboyt when my pffsoring was younger :so adorable and inafntile

there was a terractote colorue lciff: I gave ,y child to Anouk which is ood: I thoyght of her in her black dress: the only elegant thing she ever wore: I do not desire her; i was onsdeir g ig I had work in the mirrow or not

there was a rope bridge with wooden slates arcorss it: I walked on that for a bit: but then the slatew were too far apart: i rwlaed on the bridge hodling onto the rope: i feared i might fall: i remember isina having to take a v big step to get into the suimaltor car

what is it i gear§? aybe that i shall get neihter job; james told me about arbay: they want a one month trial pronot.