Daily Archives: May 23, 2017

A dream of reunions


I was at a Glenstall reunion/ I cznnot think why. ?y cuz Denis was there. Thrre was a short swarthy chap there who had also been at the school. The time I visited the place I recall seeing sucba  chikld. I spoke to this man and he wore a blue blazer. He was a retiring sort and smiled wanly.

Later I spoke to J B the farmer; This old chap is not in the best of health. I fear he is not long for this world being over four score. I wish to see him and epress heartfelt gratidue for his iberalruty towards ,e in my infancy and beyond. He was speaking to his second born the doctor. I DID Not speak to them much/ The pair were formlly attired.

*Later I walked out of there. It was night time I came tp the Thames; We had been in Hibernia presulably and all of a suddent I was in Londinium. I was in Twickenham at the quay facing Eel Pie Island. I felt a profound tranquility and satisfaction at being there<; The gently lapping waters soothed me; It is where I yearn to be.

I was incredibly cheerful when i WOKE;

I consider going to Araby of Muscovy. Perhaps I ought to be in Blighty or Ireland. Is that what this dream reflects/ A wish to be reunited/ I am on a quest for dosh. I wish t better the lot of a certain child. Is that cquse best served with dosh?