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Trump will survive for the moment


some people have suggested impeaching Donald Trump. There are grounds for doing so.

*However, is a political and not a judicial matter. Much though he deserves to be stripped of the office that is he singularly unworthy to hold he will not be.

This is because the Republicans control both houses of Congress.*

The House of Représentatives is in Republican hands; Only a few of  Republicans have turned against Trump/

Even if the House of Reps did vote to impeach him it is the Senate that can kick Mr Trump out.

  • 52 of the 100 senators are Republicans. There are 2 indepedents. A two-thirds majority is reauired to depose a president. This has never happened; two -thirds majorities for anything are unusuaL;
  • An attempt to remove Trum^that faol could enhance his standing. It would reinforce his delusion that dark forces are against hila nd that he is invic=ncible. His moronic supporters would also be confirmed in their beliefs.
  • It is prelature to seek to impeach him. If he could be gone tomorrow then I would have it doen
  • At this rate a better opportunity will present itself..
  • * Trump takes no responsibiluty for anything bad happening even when he adlits anything is going wrong.
  • * Presidnet D J Trump lasges out and blames the ,edia. His constant hissy fits and undignified antics are alienating GOP politicians.*
  • Trum^p has little support among the media. Some were willing to give him a chance. He is driving them away. Constant negative coverage will drive hsi standing lower than 40 per cent where it is now.
  • *

Why the Conservatives are going to win a landslide/


Mays approval stands at 60 per cent and Corbyns at 20 per cent.

The economy is growing = just>.

*Unemployment stands at 4 per cent. This is the lowest since 1975 which ironically is the year the United Kingddom held a referendum on staying in thr EUROPEAN Economic Community the precursor of the EU;

Labour is calling for higher taxes and massive borrowing.

The Conservatives are going for Brexit which now commands the backing of 67 per cent of the population.

The Conservatives are determined to keep the UK together. Labour say they might allow another referendum onf Scottish separation soon.

UKIP is no longer a factor . They used to take many votes from the Conservatives.