Daily Archives: May 14, 2017

Celia Walden is right on flirting


I read an article by Celia Walden lately in which she lamented the death of flirting. Celia harked back to the early 90s when Eva Herzigovas poster in a wonderbra adroned many billboards. The “hello boys” slogan was world renowned. The lustful expression she saw in her brothers face as he caught an eyeful of Evas decolletage had Celia Walden full of envy. She wanted a man she desired to look at her with that expression.*

The feminist Taleban is trying to impose its puritanical worldview on us. All images that celebrate feminine beauty and indeed sex appeal are decried by theM. This is inhuman. We should value our bodies and enjoy sex appeal and our urges. Hardline feminists are waging a culture war on male heterosexuality. It is true that male heterosexuality can go too far.

WE SHOuld be free to display raunchy images and to disport ourselves. We ought to be permitted to pay compliments and to make overtures. If an advance is firmly and repatedly rejected that must be accepted. To persist would be harassment.

We have come to a pretty pass when flattery and coquetry are regarded as matters for the police. One cannot be certain that an overture will be warmly received or that ones feelings shall be reciprocated. Therefore to pay attention to another in this way is to risk being denounced as a beast. Is gallanterie dead?


A drea, about ,y tongue


I was thinking of Medina = drea,ig really. I met shorty ysesterday and wed sicussed the possibility of going to this second city.

Then at night I felt a pain on the left side of ,y tongue : I had an i,age of it being paetially cut with a scissor ; not severed;

I took it as a warning. I ,ust never divulge anything aboyt a certain fa,ily: do not speak about them; when I spke to mr shorty I refued to tell hi, who nu,ber 3 IN RUSSIA was. I was surprised how candid shorthy was telling ,e about where the nomads live in London